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Dear Almost 26-Year-Old: 5DOD

Dear almost 26-year-old,

Wow, look at how far you have come.

You’re getting closer to 30 and the thought of getting older can sometimes be a little scary for you, but it shouldn’t. Another year older just means another year of growth. I mean, just look at all that you have managed to accomplish at twenty-five. I know you may look back and feel proud, but also feel as if you still have such a long way to go, and you do. But, take a look at all you’ve managed to accomplish thus far within these past few years. Who would’ve thought you’d grow into the person you are now? Certainly not the shy little girl in elementary school!

You have battled so much within a year, from wearing shorts for the first time in public to quitting a job you hate and during a pandemic. The definition of strength is in your vocabulary, even if it feels foreign to you at times. There’s so much that you are battling with on the daily basis, some of which you’ve been battling your entire life, but you have proven to yourself that you can do it. Don’t let anyone, not even yourself, make you feel like otherwise.

A lot of people are rooting for you, especially me. So, make twenty-six one to remember.


An almost no longer 25-year-old


    • Thank you Angela! I really appreciate you sticking with me and supporting me ♥. I hope your 2021 is filled with all the things you desire!

  1. Definitely needed this post since I am getting 26 in March.. AHHHHHHH I am so scared and NOT ready. I want to dye my hair pink, go to a festival and do all the things I didn’t do.

    • you got this! You can still do the things you haven’t done yet. I know right now it’s not possible, to go to a festival, but girl dye that hair pink! Do all the things that can’t be stopped by the pandemic, and once it’s over, do all the other things. Don’t look back wishing you had made those memories♥

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