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Current Makeup Faves/ Most Used Products

It’s the post some of you ladies ( and some men too) have been waiting for…my first makeup post! To start off, I’m giving you a few of my mostly used/ favorite makeup products. I have more than what’s shown, but we’ll just start off with these for now.

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Fenty Beauty Foundation (shade 480): I don’t wear foundation every single day, but I do wear it often and the Fenty Beauty foundation by Rihanna is honestly amazing. It has amazing coverage and being someone who sweats pretty well when it’s hot, I can say that it still looks pretty good after dabbing my face a good amount of times. I am in the shade 480, and although it was a little questionable if it looks a little dark on me, it ends up looking amazing and matches my skin perfectly in pictures. Highly recommend.

Urban Decay Setting Spray: I’m one who mostly gets her makeup either online from decently priced makeup companies and from Walmart. But, I must say that although my wallet is cheap…my skin is not. I’ve tried cheap setting sprays and they just did not work, so I had to go a little more high-end(at least high end to me) and try Urban Decay. I have very oily skin so of course I tried the De-Slick Oil Control one. I do like this product. Does it work? mmm I’d say yes because my makeup does stay on but, and this is probably just my skin, I still end up getting pretty oily. But like I said, I do still like it and continue to use it but I’m always taking suggestions!

Wet n Wild Megaliner: This eye liner is AMAZING and it only cost maybe $2 (price check) at Walmart. I love the short brush that gives me more control, it stays on, and again…it’s cheap! If you’re looking for a good cheap liquid eyeliner then this is the one for you!

Colourpop Concealer(shade rich 75): Last but not least is the Colourpop No Filter Concealer. I LOVE this concealer! This might be my most used product out of all of the ones shown besides the eyeliner. It’s amazing coverage, I don’t have problems with creasing like I did with other concealers, and it’s a good price ($6). Colourpop changed the name of their concealers so Rich 75 is now named Deep Dark 56. I highly recommend you give it a try. I might do a review on colourpop and some of their products as well so look out for that!

I hope this post was helpful to you guys! If you want prices on things or anything please let me know. Have a good day!



  1. Oh cool. I never tried the coloupop concealer yet but I heard so many good things about it. Have you tried their foundation?

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