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Conquering Your Anxiety

This past week, I made an accomplishment that I thought I’d never actually accomplish (well I knew I would, just not when). Sometime ago, I made a post mentioning my anxiety with driving. Well, this past week I finally conquered part of my anxiety and drove downtown and the feeling was so amazing!

I did have someone in the car with me because having someone with me helps keep my anxiety down and almost takes the attention away a bit from my anxiety creeping in. I can’t say that I feel comfortable driving downtown by myself yet, but just to say that I can drive there at all is such a huge step. Going downtown, I felt relieved. I was able to go to places I haven’t been in a year when I went with my cousin, all because I know if I wanted to go again, the only way would be to drive down there. It felt so good to explore and go back to coffee shops and ice cream shops that I could only dream of going back too.

I want others to feel this relieving feeling as well, which is why I’m making this post. I just wanted to make a quick post to say…you can do it too! Whether it’s with driving, with working, or even just with wearing a certain piece of clothing. I get anxiety with all of these things and over the years I’ve slowly attempted to conquer them. You can do the same. It doesn’t matter what it is, you can conquer your anxiety. You may need some help…that’s ok. It may take time…that’s ok too. You definitely won’t see me just driving all chill downtown on my own for a little while, but it’s a step. You have to work on conquering your anxiety. Hell, you may get anxiety just thinking of conquering your anxiety…I know I do. It takes a lot and not everyone is going to understand it or understand why you’re so proud of doing something that may seem so small to them, but it’s something so big for you. You can conquer your anxiety, you can get that relieving feeling, and you can continue to do it. Let’s conquer our anxiety together!

(pictured below are photos taken from my trip downtown)


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