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Colourpop Foundation….Hit Or Miss?

Are you Ready for this? I’ve waited to do this review in order to make sure I’m 100% sure I feel the way I do about it. So, here we go!

As far as price goes, I love it! $12 is an amazing deal! You definitely can’t beat that. If nothing else gets you I’m sure the price will.

Next up let’s talk about the shades. The shades are of a good variety I will say. I do have a shading issue though. I typically wear Fenty Foundation in the shade 480. Colourpop’s shade finder matches you in comparison to the shade you wear in other brands. I entered my Fenty shade, and the shade that was chosen for me was their Deep Dark in 210.

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This shade is nice, but it doesn’t match to me exactly like the Fenty does. There’s something about the tint or maybe undertone. Maybe I need a shade darker…who knows, but as far as that aspect I’m not 100% pleased. This, however, won’t stop me from using it on a casual day when I want to wear foundation but not use the high priced good stuff.

The coverage on this foundation is really good I must say. You don’t need a whole lot to get good coverage, which allows the product to last longer.

Lastly is how is well….how well it lasts. I’ve tested it out and have worn it a full day multiple times. If you’re not doing too much that day then it really stays on. I have yet to test it out on a day I have fully sweated all over my face like I have done with Fenty, So I can’t provide much info there. I will say the little areas I have sweated (because I’m for sure a sweater) it has stayed pretty decently.

Overall Grade: 7/10

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