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Civion Necklace Review!

Hey guys, I’m back at you with something I’ve never done before, and that’s a jewelry review! Before I begin, I will say that I was emailed to collab with this company (my first company collab by the way) but my opinion, of course, will be of my own.



So, this necklace is called The Mera. It comes in two colors, which are black/gold and black/silver. I normally choose silver, but I thought the necklace looked really nice in the gold color. It has two parts of it, which is a choker that has a gold embellish on it and then a longer necklace attached to it that has a gold bar (I’m terrible at describing things, but you see the picture). The price for this necklace is $51.24 USD.


So for all my people in the US, it does take around 14-35 days for shipping, which isn’t bad. Mine didn’t take 35 days, but I would say maybe around three weeks before I received it. Also, there is shipping information on their site so if you’re in a different country or anything, then you’re able to check when you should receive your item(s).

My Review


On to the review! When I first pulled it out of the package, I thought it was so cute! I love chokers so it was an obvious choice for me to choose this one. Me being accident prone, I was worried I was going to get the necklace tangled and in knots and all of that, but so far so good! I will say though, for all my ladies with a bit of a thick neck like myself, you might have to get a necklace extender. I just got one from Walmart and problem was solved. It wasn’t too short, but I still couldn’t clasp it, so just a heads up. Also, another heads up is that the jewelry is a little bit pricey, but don’t worry, I have a discount code for you that will be at the end of this post. There’s not really much that I can say besides that I love it and think that it’s so cute! I also think it’s pretty versatile. You can wear it with a kind of business look or just casual like I did!

You can check out this necklace and other jewelry on the Civion website and to get some jewelry for 25% off, be sure to use my discount code DEANDRA25!



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