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Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Family And Friends

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Christmas will be here before you know it and that means it’s time to get the Christmas shopping going! I’ve finished my shopping this week and I thank God for that! Gift shopping is not easy at all and the hardest part is thinking of what to give your family and friends.

This is where today’s blog post comes into play! Hopefully, this will help if you’re stuck on what exactly to give for Christmas!






If you were stuck on ideas for what to gift your family and friends, then I hope this post helped out bit!

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? When do you usually start? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Thanks for the gift ideas. I’ve been drawing a blank this year. My parents are redoing a bathroom. So bathroom stuff and decor would be helpful to their project.

  2. You have some great ideas here! I love the idea of purchasing something that is going to be useful and serve a real purpose in the lives of my loved ones. Often I find that the holidays bring about a lot of clutter, and then you just leave someone feeling guilty that they are debating returning or giving away something you gifted them. Instead, take the time to recognize what they actually need or could use in their daily lives, or opt for a gift card (always a great option).

    • Omg yes! I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve had things just sitting in my closet collecting dust because I either didn’t like it or just couldn’t find a use for it. I would love a gift card…especially if it’s for Starbucks or Amazon! Glad you liked the post ♥

  3. Do you have any ideas for someone who has a limited budget this festive season? I’m starting to think I’m going to be that person who gives loved ones coupons for footrubs and high fives (insert nervous laugh here).

    PS. I lost all my subscribers due to a tech problem – would you mind subscribing again?

    All the best, Michelle (

    • Girl I’m right with you! My budget is definitely limited and I said my family would only get hugs and a smile this year lol, but it’s just not in me to not gift anything despite my dwindling budget *cries*. If your family likes Bath and Body Works, what I’m doing is taking huge advantage of the sales. For example, They recently had all of their body care items on sale for $6. They also have an $8 candle day in December. Other than that, you can always get creative with dollar store items, or even do the coupon idea! Maybe make coupons they can use when they need something like to babysit, for a day out, a day where you cook for them, etc. Get creative! And of course I’ll subscribe again love. I hope I helped a bit ♥

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