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Can You Fit Into More Than One Box?

I decided to write something a little bit different today because I’ve been thinking about how different I am sometimes when it comes to my blog versus me on the regular. I try to stick to being myself 100% on my blog and on my socials. I mean, who wants to follow someone who’s being fake right? Sometimes though, I do notice myself slipping into the more conservative, always happy on my socials type of blogger. When I mean more conservative, I don’t necessarily mean uptight…I just mean a little bit less…real than what I post on my personal accounts. I feel like some people may look at my blog and automatically want to put me in a certain box. It happens to celebrities and just everyday people quite often. That’s when the pressure to be a certain type of way is put upon you and then you feel you have to hide part of who you are.

I am more than just one type of person.

I love to [attempt to] wake up early, have a productive morning, use my planner, write positive quotes on my social media’s, dress all cute and fancy all the time while going out for coffee, etc. I love those things but I also sleep in a little later, stay in my room to myself, go out dancing and drinking at clubs, don’t feel like being productive, etc. I’m more than one person who loves different types of things and that’s fine. You don’t have to fit into one box.

I know content creators can relate to this because sometimes we’re put into a box when it comes to what we post on our social media or the topics we discuss. It’s a lot, but don’t be afraid to break out that one box and show all your sides. Either people can choose to accept all sides of you or not accept you at all.

Do you ever feel like you’re being put into one box? Let’s discuss!


  1. I fit into MANY boxes and I am totally okay with that – I think that’s what makes a person special is finding out they are many things!

  2. I understand this completely! Of course we always wanna post the fun and pretty things on our blogs and not the times where we’re not the happiest or most productive. But then again maybe people would be okay seeing that stuff too. Show we’re still human and can have bad days as well. But great post!

  3. I’ve never liked being put into one box- though that’s how it usually is for a lot of bloggers! They stay to stick with one niche, but I feel like I can’t do that! I’m more than one thing and I want to talk about more than one thing, I want to talk about ALL the things! I personally love seeing all the different sides of another person, so thank you for encouraging people and other bloggers to be themselves!

    Emily |

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