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Book Review: The Search by Sherman Williams

Long time no review! It’s been about a year since I’ve done a book review. If not a year then pretty close. I’m still struggling on getting back to my reading, despite the plentiful amounts of books sitting collecting dust just waiting to be touched. However, this book is a little different and I just HAD to get to reading it ASAP. This is because *drumroll* IT’S MY OWN COUSINS BOOK! I’m so happy and excited for him. I plan on writing my own book as well, but to see him write his own book and actually have it published and available for purchase is an amazing accomplishment. With that being said, I feel a disclaimer is needed. Yes, he is my cousin but I bought the book myself. He didn’t care if I bought it or not, but of course I’m going to show support. He also didn’t ask me to review it or give him any exposure whatsoever. I’m doing this on my own and I will not only say what’s good about it, but what could also use a little bit of improvement. Now, on to the review(also, I’m not the best reviewer but bear with me)!


Title: The Search

Author: Sherman Williams

Synopsis: Sherman has gone through a few relationships in his life and in his book he tells you about what he’s gone through in those relationships. He also gives a little background on his family and childhood, which he explains as a reason for how he handled some situations. He tells you about something he’s lost along this journey of his life, but also tells you about what he’s found on his search and what you can find on yours.

My Thoughts: I’m going to start with saying how cool it honestly is to read these stories and know who he’s talking about in them. Now, even though I know a bit of each story he tells that went on in each relationship, I was still intrigued by the stories. To me, that just shows how interesting of a writer he is and his ability to pull the reader in. There were some stories I also never knew and to just see some of the craziness he dealt with was shocking. He stays true to himself and honest in this book. In the end, he gives advice on how to find what you’re looking for on your search. He also uses personification, which is what I loved the most when reading it. Is the search for a relationship or something deeper? You’ll have to read to find out.

Critique: The only thing I’d say is that there could’ve been some type of chapter separation. The book isn’t that long, but there still could’ve been something to say “this is the next chapter or phase”.

Where to purchase:

Again, I’m so proud of my cousin and I hope you all decide to check out his book and even review it yourself!

Have you ever written your own book or thought about writing one?


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