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Book Review: Speak With Chic By Angel Charmaine

Before I begin, I feel like I need to bring up how this book landed in my hands. I mentioned in my most recent diary entry that I went to an event that was a great networking opportunity. I got to talk to some great people, but one person I had a wonderful conversation with was the author of this book. I felt like I needed to talk to her…but I didn’t know it until after it happened. After the conversation, she handed me her business card as well as her book that I’m reviewing for you guys. She doesn’t know I’m reviewing it at all. This is just something she gave for me to read to help become more in tune with myself. However, I felt the need to give it a review just to share it with you all as well!


Title: Speak With Chic: One Woman. Ten Truths.

Author: Angel Charmaine

Synopsis: Angel takes us through 10 narratives where, just like the title states, she’s speaking her truths. As you read along, you learn about her and her life. You get to read her thoughts. In turn, even learn something about yourself.

My thoughts: The book is just as amazing as the woman who wrote it! It’s very short and something you can read in one sitting during some solo time. My favorite thing about the book is how you can feel her personality through the book. She wasn’t so formal and, I would say she was writing like she was talking to a friend. There were moments where I was able to make connections as I was reading that amazed me. Another favorite thing is how relatable she was. There are different things she discusses going through that I think different women can relate to. I feel like this book was meant for me to read and I’m so glad that I did.

Critique: I don’t have a true critique if I’m being honest. No book is perfect, but I really enjoyed it.

Where to purchase:

I highly advise you guys to check out her book and take a look at her blog page as well while you’re on her website!

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