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Blogmas Day 9: My Letter To Santa 2023

Dear Santa,

It’s me again! I wrote my letter to you last year, which was my first time talking to you since I was a little girl. This year is just about no different than last year…it’s actually a bit worse. I wish this was one of those movies Santa Clause movies. In The Santa Clause, the saying I’ll never forget is “Seeing isn’t believing. Believing is seeing.” If this was a Christmas movie, I would’ve had the chance to possibly see you because I never stopped believing in Christmas magic or joy (no matter how much adulting is trying to take that away).

Speaking of seeing you, I maybe would’ve even seen the North Pole! If the North Pole was real, I wonder how it looks. I wonder if the elves look like how they do in the movies and as old as they are. If this was a Christmas movie, I’m sure at some point in the night I’d be whisked away from crying out at the need to see true joy again. I’d love to work with you and the elves to bring back the joy that others used to feel when they were kids. The part in The Santa Clause 2 where the staff party was boring until SC (Scott Calvin aka Santa Clause) brought out all the toys those same adults loved to play with when they were children was a perfect representation of real life.

Though I don’t want to be Santa Clause, I’d love to help bring back some of the Christmas joy that has left a lot of the people my age and older. Everyone is worried about money, politics, wars, and so much more that’s going on. I just wish this was a Christmas movie so that we can all have at least one night when we feel that same Christmas spirit. It won’t be for the kids or other people but for us.

If only this was a Christmas movie, then you could read this and make it come true.

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