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Blogmas Day 9: My 2022 Business Christmas List

One thing that I think anyone who works for themselves can agree on is that the items you need to purchase in order to grow or even get started at all can be quite expensive! Prices may be rising faster than people are buying your products or than brands are putting in that direct deposit.

Earlier this week, I shared a little glimpse of my Christmas wishlist but it was more on the personal side. I think every business owner, or just anyone who works for themselves in general, should have a Christmas list for their business. I have a few things that I need/would love and I’m sharing my list with you below!

  • DSLR Camera
  • Photo box
  • Ring light
  • Subscription paid
  • Foam shield for recording
  • Wireless label printer
  • Backdrops

There are just a few things in my list that I would love to help grow. It’s not easy working for yourself in the slightest, and if you know someone who does work for themselves and you’re able to help them in anyway, I’m sure they would be so grateful to receive even the smallest help with the things they need.

If you work for yourself, what would be on your business Christmas list?

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