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Blogmas Day 9: How To Make Sure Next Year’s Blogmas Is A Success

We are two weeks into blogmas, which is halfway through, and some of you may have attempted to try blogmas but just didn’t make it. That’s perfectly fine! Things happen and sometimes you just have to tap out. I know as I was pre-writing these blog posts I debated myself if it was worth it because…I was tired! Batching content isn’t easy in the slightest, but I’m happy I pulled through.

If you are someone who just didn’t feel like you prepared enough for blogmas this year, it’s okay! There’s always next year and with these few tips, you can make sure you’re prepped and ready for a successful blogmas in 2021!

Start prepping early

The main key to a successful blogmas is to begin prepping early. You can honestly start as early as right now! The earlier the better and you won’t have to worry about it when the time comes back around. I started prepping in November, but even I wish I would’ve started at least around October. Early prep gives you enough time to get things together, you don’t have to stress about not having things ready, and you can focus on making sure you’re giving out good quality blogmas content!

Write a list of ideas and plan

Next, you’ll want to write out a list of ideas and plan. Lists are always helpful and you’ll be able to see your ideas and go back to them. Also, everyone does blogmas differently. Although the traditional way may be to write a post every single day up to Christmas (equaling 25 posts), you don’t have to do it that way. I’ve done blogmas three years now and each time has been different. It’s all about what you prefer and feel you can handle. For example, this year I decided not to count the weekends so I can get a little break. An extra tip is to make sure you write out extra ideas once you’ve figured out how you want to do blogmas. So, if you decide to write posts for all 25 days, then make sure you have at least five extra ideas in case you suddenly decide that you don’t like a topic anymore and want to change it. I change my mind all the time, so I know firsthand how helpful it is!

Use a content calendar

After you’ve written your list of ideas and made a plan for how you want to post, I suggest using a content calendar. I love to lay out my blog posts and plan what days I’m posting what post. This makes things a bit easier so you’re not just looking at this long list of posts but an actual layout. You can also use this to plan your promotional content, which I’ll get to a little bit later.

Double check your ideas

Santa checks his list twice, and so should you! A successful blogmas includes content that you actually love and are certain you want to put out. Of course, it’s possible you’ll want to change your mind later about what to post, but doing an initial double check will make sure you’re mostly satisfied with what you have planned out. It’s also good to check in case you want to switch around posting days for certain types of blog posts as well.

Time to start writing

Now that you have everything planned out, it’s time to start writing! The best part is, since you started planning ahead, you don’t have to worry about frantically making a bunch of blogmas posts all at once. Depending on how early you start, you could write a post a day. Another great thing about prepping early is giving yourself enough time to create drafts before creating the final product, or even just looking over your post a few times before scheduling and moving on to the next one.

Create promo content

Creating promotional content is just as important and a lot of work. Having your promo content planned out and created will become a HUGE time saver. I wish I would’ve started creating blogmas content earlier myself because then I would’ve had time to think of some cute Christmas related photos. I might need to follow my own post for next year! Make sure to have fun with your promotional content and get people excited for the next day.

Spread the word

Lastly, let people know that you’re doing blogmas! Get them excited before blogmas is even here! They’ll be waiting in anticipation for December 1st just to read your posts!

If blogmas was a flop for you this year, no worries! Follow these tips to ensure that next year will be a success!


  1. I made a content calendar for the first time for this month, and I’ve been off script for almost everything. I plan on tweaking my strategy, because I do think a content calendar can be extremely helpful.

    • It happens! It definitely happens to me a few good times. It takes trial and error, but once you find what works for you, then it’ll come together!

  2. This post has been incredibly useful! I only started blogging in August, and I had no idea what Blogmas was. After I read up on it, I decided to participate. I decided to exclude weekends since that would be too hectic for me.
    But I created a content calendar using ClickUp(which is very useful), and I wish I saw your tip on creating extra ideas. Since sometimes, I didn’t feel like writing about that particular topic. And I’ll certainly start to do promo content early, thank god you can schedule tweets and pins.

    And I’m bookmarking this post, to revisit. These tips are useful for all times of the year!
    Thank you again, you made Blogmas and any seasonal events so much easier. πŸ™‚

    • Welcome to the blogging community! I hope your blogmas is going well! I’m glad my post was helpful to you and glad to hear you’ll be bookmarking it for later. Everything is a learning experience, but the good news is, now you have more tips to make sure next year is even better! Thanks for reading and commenting β™₯

  3. I’ve started preparing my blogmas content since October! Write the ideas, research, use a content calendar, and many more on my to-do list. Things happen and I need to reschedule some posts but it works with 25 posts πŸ˜€ Thank you for this helpful post x

    • That’s definitely what I should’ve done because, I was able to pre-write all my blog posts, but I didn’t give myself enough time to also plan and schedule my social posts. Next year I’ll be even more prepped and ready! I’m glad you found my post helpful β™₯

  4. I launched my blog at the end of September, and only found out about Blogmas at the end of November. So deciding to participate and post every day was very last minute for me. I had a lot of content already planned out but it has been a lot of work. Love all your tips and will definitely refer back to this post when I’m prepping for next year. Thanks!

    • Welcome to the blogging community! It’s definitely a lot of work when you’re not fully planned for it. That’s how I did it when I first began blogging. I hope your blogmas is going well and I’m glad to hear you’ll come back to this post for next year β™₯

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