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Blogmas Day 8: Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For 2023

Alright, be honest. Christmas is coming up and you still haven’t purchased gifts for your loved ones. While some are early shoppers, others don’t start until two weeks before Christmas. There are also the super late shoppers who don’t start until a week, even a few days, before Christmas.

Life happens, and regardless of how last minute of a shopper you are, every shopper deserves to find a good gift just as the giftee deserves said gift. Last-minute shopping is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! These last-minute Christmas gift ideas are perfect for a quick grab!

Heated blanket

In a previous post, I shared ways to keep warm this winter, and one of those ways was to use a heated blanket. Because we’re in the colder months of the year, heated blankets are everywhere and great to grab for a quick gift! If you’re having trouble finding them in stores (due to others being last-minute gifters), you can still grab one through Amazon if you have a Prime account!

Gift Cards

This is the ultimate last-minute gift idea because there are a variety of gift cards and you can’t go wrong with what you choose! You can choose gift cards for a specific place if you’re aware of what someone likes, or get a Visa gift card so the person can use it however they please. Whichever method you choose, the person will be grateful and you got the job done with no hassle.

Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works are always having deals this time of year, which makes them the perfect option to grab your last-minute gift! If the person you’re gifting loves candles or smell goods, go into a store and grab a few items or order online if you still have time. You can even have them placed in a gift bag to kill two birds with one stone!

Glass mug set

As someone who loves mugs, a glass mug set will make the perfect gift for a mug lover like myself. Glass mugs are so sleek and aesthetically pleasing to drink from! They’re also available in different price ranges depending on which you choose, so you can grab a set without breaking the bank!


Slippers are another great choice to grab at the last minute due to them being everywhere for the season. If you know the person’s shoe size (or can ask someone), you can easily find the fuzziest slippers that they will sure to put on the moment the person opens their gift.

Edible Arrangement

One of the more out-of-the-box options is to order an edible arrangement to have delivered to the house of the person you’re gifting. If need be, there’s also an option to pick the arrangement up as well. With tons of options to choose from, Edible Arrangements make a great (and delicious) Christmas gift! It may have been a last-minute idea, but it will surely be remembered!

Website Domain

This one’s a little different, but it makes a perfect gift for the soon-to-be business owner! Not only are you helping support their dreams, but you’re thinking out of the box. Any potential business owner would love this as a Christmas gift!

Coffee syrups

The everyday coffee lover would love a few coffee syrups to go with their collection! This idea came from the fact that I would love a few coffee syrups myself as a gift. The daily “DIY” barista would be grateful, and they may even make you a cup as a thank you!

Pay a bill

This last one may seem a bit more on the boring side, but any adult knows how it feels to wish someone would pay a bill or two. It doesn’t matter if you’re financially well off or struggling a little bit, there are much more fun ways that money could be spent than on a bill. If you’re financially able to, find a creative way to tell the person you’re providing the gift of a paid bill. This idea goes perfectly with the idea of gifting a gift card as well!

If you’re a last-minute gifter, don’t worry, there’s still time to grab a few really good gifts for the ones you love. Though sometimes a hectic process, it doesn’t have to be and the gifts still turn out meaningful!

Are you a last-minute shopper? Which gift would you like to receive? Let’s chat in the comments!


  1. As an adult and as a Wealth and Wellness Coach I love your last one there! I love everything on this list though, such great suggestions! I also know that those new small business owners are always willing and ready to sell some products so I like to look around locally at the crafters markets for; shirts, mugs, tumblers, earring etc etc

    • That’s such a great idea! As someone selling mugs, I know how it feels and understand how much that means to small business owners!

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