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Blogmas Day 8: Cute Outfits For Plus Sized Women In Winter

Listen, it is getting colder and colder by the minute. Some of you may live in sunny California or any other place where you can still wear shorts and not freeze your ass off, but I cannot say the same about myself or others who live in areas where it gets cold. Being a plus sized woman, I have to look out for my other plus sized ladies and help keep us all looking cute but stay warm in the winter. If you’ve read my post about life as a plus sized woman, then you already know it’s hard to find clothes as it is sometimes. So, here are just a few cute winter outfit ideas for my plus sized women!


1. this outfit is nice for where it doesn’t get freezing cold but still chilly. Long sleeve white blazer, black top, and jeans. You can layer it as well if you’d like. (image from modcloth)


2. This is something a little bit warmer. I saw this and thought I just had to post it because I wish I could get this coat for myself! You can never go wrong with burgundy. It’s such a beautiful color. You can pair this with jeans or any other bottoms you’d like and maybe some cute boots! (image from modcloth)

*warning: the coat is pretty high on modcloth so I’d suggest a cheaper alternative*


3. Outfit 3 is for sure not only a fave but also a mood. It’s simple but stylish with a hint of “boss” if you ask me. Just grab a cute long sweater, black leggings, and knee-high black boots. If it’s too cold for just the sweater, then you can always layer with a warm coat! (image from pinterest)


4. If you love to wear dresses despite the weather, then this outfit is great for you! Grab you a maxi dress, knee-high/thigh-high boots, and a nice coat or jacket and you’re good to go! You’ll be walking in style. (image from pinterest)


5. One word…FAUX. Winter is for sure the time you bring out faux everything. Faux fur. Faux leather. All of it. I am obsessed. This outfit is a perfect combo of both and I’m in love!

Let me know which outfit is your favorite!

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