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Blogmas Day 8: 4 Ways To Get Into The Christmas Spirit

Christmas may be vastly approaching, but not everyone is in the Christmas spirit. I wrote a blog post on why it’s hard to believe as an adult and you can see that getting older can really play a huge part sometimes with struggling to get into the Christmas spirit. Sometimes it just takes a few activities to help bring back the joys of Christmas! Check out below some ways you can get into the Christmas Spirit and let me know which are your favorite!

christmas photos 1. Take Family Photos

It may seem corny, but just let loose and have some fun! Get some cute matching pajamas and get in the spirit. This is something you can also do with friends as well if you’d like. Get some matching pajamas or Christmas sweaters and take some photos!

eggnog 2. Get A Glass Of Eggnog

I LOVE eggnog! It’s my favorite holiday drink. I’m not sure how many people like to do this, but one of my favorite things to do is to get a candy cane and dip it in the eggnog. Am I the only one? It just tastes so good to me. If regular eggnog doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit, then there are adult versions of eggnog that might help! I definitely plan on trying some out myself.

mall.jpg 3. Go To The Mall

You might be wondering how going to the mall could help you get into the Christmas spirit. Well, if your mall is one that goes all out on decor, then it might just help! I love it when malls and stores are decorated for Christmas. If your mall doesn’t do too much decorating like mines don’t, then try visiting a mall. Usually, the bigger malls go all out so it could be fun as well to go see a huge mall if yours is on the smaller side.

christmas-party-royalty-free-image-1568916152 4. Throw A Christmas Party

Lastly, try throwing a Christmas party! What’s better than you and some friends getting together in some Christmas fun!? You can wear cute hats or even have an ugly Christmas sweater theme. Have a good time and let the Christmas spirit consume you!

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