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Blogmas Day 7: Shop Black-Owned Businesses Pt.2

I figured just one post wasn’t enough, so we’re back again for another one!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about (which means you haven’t seen my blogmas posts…shame shame), I did a previous blogmas post suggesting small black-owned businesses to shop for Christmas presents. I told you guys to let me know if you want a part two and the crowd has spoken, so I’m doing a part two. It might be a little too late to order from some places if you are buying something for someone, but you might also be able to do express shipping. Regardless of whether it’s too late to get your item(s) before Christmas, you can still shop these businesses and support! Christmas may come once a year, but support is forever.

Without further ado, check out these businesses below!

breathe nation Breathe Nation

If you are a believer in Jesus or want to gift someone something who’s also a believer, then you should check out Breathe Nation merchandise. With Psalms 150:6 written on the shirts, it will always be a nice reminder to praise the Lord!

lip chemistry Lip Chemistry

Angie is the owner of Lip Chemistry and she has face scrubs, lip scrubs, lip balm….anything you need! Even better, her products are vegan AND organic. Who is going to look out for you more than your own people!? I’ve always wanted to try lip scrubs, so I’ll have to try some myself. If you know someone that loves skincare, then I’d consider shopping here for a gift!

watch this woman work smart boy tee Watch This Woman Work and Smart Boy Tees

Watch This Woman Work and Smart Boy Tees are both owned by Ghashiyah. She has items for men, women, and even dogs too! Two shops mean more variety! It also means a lot more work for her, so go ahead and support by gifting yourself or someone else an item from one of her shops!

365 bodylove 365 Body Love

365 Body Love is another business that’s perfect for the skincare lover! They have so many products that’s for both men and women. What’s even better is that they’re 100% plant based! If you read their about me page, Venus wanted to find something to help her Children with their eczema and in the end, ended up making her own! I love knowing this because I have eczema, but I also have friends who suffer from it terribly and I like that they are able to use these products. I will be recommending them to my friends and you should do yourself and someone you love a favor and check them out!

blackgirltravel.png BlackGirl-Adventures

Are you a black girl that loves to travel? Do you know a black girl that loves to travel? Then you definitely need to get some gear from Black Girl Adventures! Tay, the owner, has shirts that you and your besties can get together for Christmas so you can match when you guys go on your next girls trip!

Again, there are so many black-owned businesses, so I highly suggest you looking up some along with the ones on this post. Also, don’t be shy to drop your own business in the comments as well!


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