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Blogmas Day 6: Why I Love Christmas

christmas meme

I’m with you Buddy, I’m with you. When it comes to Christmas, Buddy and I are on the same page. I’m not sure if I’ve made this clear, but I’m one of those people who play Christmas music on November 1st for sure! Before anyone starts thinking I go overboard and wear every Christmas ornament on my body and earrings or shoes that jingle when you walk…I don’t. BUT, I do suddenly get a wave of excitement just from seeing Christmas commercials on TV.

So, Why do I love Christmas so much? Well, my question to you is…why don’t you love Christmas??

All jokes aside, Christmas has always been special to me as a kid. I even told my mom it’s her fault that I’m so obsessed with it because of how I’ve always had a good Christmas during my childhood. It may sound like I said that in a negative way, but I promise I meant that in the best way possible!

As a child, my mom always filled the tree with presents. She tried to make sure “Santa” got me everything that I wanted. She would wake me up and I’d come in the den excited not knowing what box I was going to open up first. Even beyond that, it’s the memories that are priceless that I love the most. It’d the memories of putting up the tree together and singing Christmas songs around the tree on Christmas Eve. We didn’t always do this, but It’s about making cookies for Santa and leaving them out for him to eat. It’s about mom waking me up those early 6am mornings and her telling me Santa came and me jumping up with excitement. Lastly, it’s about me being able to be a kid and enjoy the spirit of Christmas and having fun. That spirit never left me. This adult life sucks, but that’s something I can always keep inside me. Although the older you get, the more things start to get in the way of ruining your joy, I will always continue to fight for my joy. Christmas isn’t just about the music or all the holiday things that come out. To me, it’s about the memories and getting to be excited like I’m a kid again and it being ok.

That’s why I love Chrismas.

Do you love Christmas like I do? Tell me why in the comments!


    • thanks love! and I honestly love just the feel of Christmas for sure. like when stores are decorated and everything. definitely has to be one of my favorite parts because then it starts to really feel like the holiday season.

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