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Blogmas Day 6: How To Host A Successful Friendsmas

The holidays are all about gathering together and spending time with the ones you love. This includes not only family, but friends as well! For the Thanksgiving season, most of us are aware of Friendsgiving. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s where friends gather to eat and laugh, usually before Thanksgiving.

Just as for Thanksgiving, I think that friends should also do the same and gather together to celebrate Christmas…hence friendsmas. It’s the same concept, but with a fun and festive twist! If this sounds like something you’d love to do this year or in the future, keep reading to find out how to host a friendsmas to remember!

Create a fun theme.

I love a good theme and friendsmas is the perfect time to let loose and have fun with a theme! It can be whatever you choose, which is even better! You can go with the typical route and make it an ugly Christmas sweater theme or go all out and do something such as a Santa theme where everyone dresses as their own version of Santa clause. You can even go all out and send your friends invites designed to fit your chosen theme. It’s the holidays so why not have fun!?

Make an amazing Christmas playlist.

You cannot have a friendsmas without Christmas music! As someone who starts listening to Christmas music as soon as November hits, I have to have it playing at a Christmas gathering! To ensure you’re set, you can make a full list of holiday tunes that will even make Santa get up and dance! If you’re looking for inspiration, I created an ultimate Christmas playlist that you can use or even take a few songs from to add to your own playlist.

Plan your dishes ahead of time.

One of the main issues when it comes to events like these is the food. When you’re hosting an event where people can bring their own dishes, it’s important to plan who is bringing what and making sure that the decision is solidified. One thing you don’t want is multiples of the same dish or even a lack of food because multiple people decided to bring desserts and drinks. You can also go the route of making all the food yourself, but it takes a lot of stress off and is much more fun to have your friends bring in their own dish. If you do decide to make all the food yourself, it’s still important to plan your dishes ahead of time because you need to make sure you have everything and you can begin the prep ahead of time.

Make up fun games.

What is a gathering without fun (and cheesy) games? Games keep the fun going as you and your friends invite a little competition to the party. With Christmas being the theme, you can find so many different holiday/Christmas themed games that can be made just by Googling. There may also be some games to purchase that are holiday themed as well.

Don’t forget the drinks!

Lastly, you can’t forget the drinks! There is nothing better than mingling with friends over drinks. Whether you’re making cocktails or mocktails, a few delicious holiday themed mixes are sure to be the talk of the friends-mas party! If you need any ideas, Pinterest is the perfect place to go for fun recipes.

If you’ve never heard of a friendsmas or ever thought about hosting one, I hope that you’ve become excited and ready to throw your own after reading this post! Gatherings such as friends-mas are one of the things that I love about the holidays. It’s about having fun with the ones you love!

Would you ever host a friendsmas?

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