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Blogmas Day 5: Why It’s Hard To Believe As An Adult

Do you ever just have moments where you wish you could just go back to being a kid again?

I know I do all the time.

I know that first line made this post sound like an ad for some type of device that can make you a kid again (oh how I wish), but sadly it’s not. I wish there was a device that could do such a thing. When you’re a kid, Christmas is the most magical time of the year. Granted, as an adult, I still feel that way but there some obstacles that get in my way in attempts of putting me down. Those attempts are called “adulting struggles” or what I like to call “wtf is sh*t!?” It’s so bad that some people just don’t even get into the Christmas spirit anymore. I’m sure some of you might even be nodding your head in agreement as you’re reading this.

So, Why is it hard for adults to believe?

It’s simple, sometimes the adulting struggles can kick us on our backs to where it just becomes impossible to believe in the magic of Christmas. It actually starts before you’re a full-grown adult. It starts when the belief in Santa Clause goes away.

Poor St. Nick alone and forgotten. 

I believe that after that point, everything just seems to go downhill. For me personally, I tried to hold on to my belief as long as possible. I’ve always loved Christmas and I’ll always believe in the magic of it, even if some years aren’t as great as others. There was no way I was going to get rid of that joy my childhood brought when my mom woke me up at 6am saying Santa came. I was so excited to see all those toys under my tree. I can’t even remember not having a good Christmas. I think that’s another reason why adults struggle to believe in the joys and miracles of Christmas. They forget their childhood. Not everyone is blessed with an amazing childhood, but if you were, then you should be grateful for that and keep it in mind.

I think the best advice when adulthood is kicking you in the ass during the holidays, is to go into your inner child. So many people put their inner child away or just don’t go to that place until they have children of their own, but you shouldn’t wait. Don’t be afraid to be a little silly. Write a letter to Santa, make some milk and cookies, buy some Christmas pj’s, etc. You have so many responsibilities to worry about as an adult throughout the year and no, they don’t away with the holidays, but you can take some time to just enjoy the season. I like to call it Holiday Selfcare. Take care of yourself by having a little fun and maybe you’ll learn to believe again.

Anything is possible.

Does adulting bring you down during the holidays? If there’s something you like to do to get back in the spirit then I’d love to know what it is in the comments!



  1. Instead of Santa, my toddler calls him Father Christmas! She learned that from Peppa Pig. I think it’s really cute.

    Growing up, I always asked for no Santa’s on my stuff. Idk why, but I didn’t care for his attire. I also didn’t care for cartoon snowmen. Real snowmen I like though; just not images of them on things. I preferred animals like cartoon reindeer and penguins. Speaking of animals, the MCDs McCafé cups in Canada this year have winter foxes on them and they’re so adorable! 🥰

  2. This is such a great topic and so true. I think that last year I was not festive at all however this year I’m open to all magic this holiday season

  3. I really love this. I see so many people around me listless, anxious, sad, exasperated during this time of year and it saddens me. Christmas is about being together and small things that being us joy. I agree, we need to hold on to our inner child.

  4. This is so accurate! Christmas was my favorite holiday as a kid. Because my sister was too young to experience the magic and excitement I did, I plan to recreate it for her this year. Thanks for sharing 😊

  5. This is very helpful. I was in the holiday spirit last year but this year I struggled. Adulting can be hard but we most realize we have the power to change the outcome.


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