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Blogmas Day 5: How To Gift Others While Making A Difference

We are in the holiday season and usually there are two words that are very popular around this time: giving and gifting. People are excited about being gifted presents while also wondering what presents to give. Some people aren’t even concerned with what to give others and are more concerned with what people are giving them.

This has been a crazy year, and although this month is all about cheer, I still think it’s important to remember the events that have happened. There has been continuous injustice, many deaths, natural disasters, and more. I hope naming all of these things may have suddenly changed your mood a bit, but there’s a reason for bringing this up. Even if it is virtual, while wearing masks, and/or being socially distant we still have family and friends we can see this holiday. Some people aren’t able to say the same or may be mourning the tragedies this year has caused.

This is what made me think of the different ways to gift others that could actually help make a difference. Some of these ideas are a little different and can’t be wrapped in a box, but they could be the best gifts you could ever give.

Sign Petitions

Yes, I listed signing petitions as a gift, and it is a gift. Here’s the thing…it may not seem like something that would do much. It’s just one signature right? Well, that one signature goes along with plenty other signatures, which can help the many cases of injustice that’s still happening. Even though your signature may not suddenly put someone in jail that deserves to be there, in the long run, if the petition goes through then that means you helped. You gave the gift of helping provide justice and that’s an amazing thing to say! When I gift something to someone, my goal is to produce happy tears. I love to know that I was able to bring such a happy feeling. Imagine someone crying happy tears because they were able to receive enough signatures for their petition. Now think about how your signature was one of the signatures that helped. Great feeling right? Signing petitions is absolutely a gift that makes a huge difference.


Along with signing petitions, you can donate to a few different causes. We’re always so busy trying to buy the fanciest and best gifts, why not donate and help make a difference? There are so many different causes out there that could use donations. This year has been rough on people financially, and if you’re one of the ones who has remained financially blessed this year, then giving back by donating would be the best gift of all!


Although there’s Covid going on, there are still so many places that need help and need more volunteers. Some places might have strict rules during this time, so you’d have to look into it, but it doesn’t hurt to make an effort. Volunteering truly involves being a gift to others. You can help feed the homeless, help make care packages, even help in animal shelters if you’re an animal lover like me. Humans aren’t the only ones who need help. There are TONS of ways to gift by volunteering that it’s hard not to find something you don’t like. Not only will you be making a difference, but you’ll put a smile on someone’s face!

Gift To A Needing Family

Lastly, you can gift to a family in need. Like I said earlier, so much has happened this year, including some families unfortunately losing their homes or businesses. It’s such a travesty, and those families could use a strong community and some holiday cheer. If you don’t know a family personally that you could help out, I’m sure there are plenty of organizations that allow you to do so. Again, this will allow you to gift others and make the biggest difference!

If you can think of other ways where you can gift to others and make a difference, then I’d love for you to share them in the comments.

Happy Holidays!

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