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Blogmas Day 3: 8 New Christmas Movies To Watch This Season

The 2023 holiday season is here, which means new Christmas movies are premiering on our screens!

Christmas movies are the best way to start the holiday season, as a matter of fact, I start watching them as soon as October! Although I love replaying the same movies, including those old school classics we all know and love, I can’t help but get excited about the new movies that are almost done “baking” and ready to pop on the screen! When a new movie features actors and actresses that are some of the holiday season’s greats, I already know that the movie is going to be a good one!

Below are eight new Christmas movies for the 2023 season! Most, if not all, of these movies are scheduled to roll out throughout December. Featuring some of your favorite actors and holiday plots, these movies will have you waiting for them to premier!

1. Candy Cane Lane

Featuring our favorite on the screen, Eddie Murphy wants to win a Christmas decorating contest. Things get a little crazy in his attempt to do so when he gets help from an elf.

2. Dashing Through The Snow

Available on Disney+, a social worker ends up going on a magical trip when he takes his daughter to work with him.

3. Best Christmas Ever

Charlotte ends up at her friend, Jackie’s, house and sets out to prove that Jackie’s life isn’t everything she makes it seem out to be.

4. Ladies of the 80’s: A Diva Christmas

Star rivals from the 80s come back together to film a Christmas episode, but end up working together to get their producer and director together when they see feelings reigniting.

5. Christmas With A Kiss

Morgan ends up returning home to help out with her family’s Christmas carnival where a photo journalist creates a surprise reunion.

6. Magic In Mistletoe

Harrington’s publicist is trying to clean up the damage she’s done from the comments made on social media. However, while he’s trying to fix social media damage, she’s trying to fix the damage in his heart that has caused him to no longer believe in the spirit of the holidays.

7. Christmas On Cherry Lane

Three couples are all going through pivotal moments in their lives that they must navigate while celebrating the holiday season.

8. Yes, Chef! Christmas

Alicia is invited to compete in an annual cook-off where she receives help from a mentor. This is her chance to prove that she’s capable of being a head chef.

There are so many more new movies that are coming out, but these are just a few that caught my eye. I am excited to grab a cup of eggnog with some delicious Christmas cookies and sit by the TV!

Which new movies are you excited to watch this season?

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