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Blogmas Day 3: 4 Ways To Save Money While Holiday Shopping

We may be in the month of December, but there are still many gifts to buy and many people who have yet to buy them for the holidays. With prices continuing to rise at the moment, it’s hard to go holiday shopping without breaking the bank or dipping into your savings.

Though the holidays aren’t about gifts, it’s still nice to gift others with something on Christmas, and I’m bringing you four tips on how to do so while saving your coin! Check out these four ways below and get to saving!

1. Use coupons

Using coupons is a great way to shop for your Christmas gifts without breaking the bank! Coupons can be a hit or miss, but you just have to have patience and really search to make sure you have the best deals. Once you find a few good coupons, you’ll start to enjoy them and enjoy those deals!

2. Shop during sales

Sales are happening everywhere right now, making it a good time to get those gifts at a discounted price! A lot of people are ahead of the game and have bought their gifts already during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you didn’t get a chance to do so, don’t worry, deals are always going on and you can still grab those gifts without them being too costly. As with coupons, you’ll have to search for the best sales to ensure you’re truly getting a good deal, but it’s the best feeling when you get everything you need for a great value!

3. Shop in-store instead of online

Online shopping is such an easier route when it comes to grabbing what you need, however, it also is one of the biggest ways you can lose more of your money. Shipping fees can really start to add up and they can be even higher than before during the holiday season. What was once a decently priced order can instantly turn into overpriced once you add in the shipping cost. If you’re able to, get out and hit the stores for your Christmas shopping. I know this time of year is very hectic, but you can figure out what times work best for you and save a few extra dollars that would’ve gone to shipping fees!

4. Set a budget

The last way that you can save money is to simply set a budget. We are essentially in a recession right now and, though sometimes hard to follow, budgets are a great way to make sure you’re not spending more than you afford. We often want to give our loved ones the best gifts, but sometimes the best gift is what we put together with items from Dollar Tree. Consider sticking to your budget as a way to gift your wallet this holiday season!

Now that you have the different tools to save money this holiday season, you can go out and shop (or continue shopping) knowing you’re still getting great gifts for your family and not overspending.

Happy shopping!


  1. these are great tips for saving money during the holiday season. With all these sales and gift shopping , it can get out of hand.

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