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Blogmas Day 23: 8 Christmas Spotify Playlists To Blast Christmas Day

Christmas is officially two days away and everyone is getting things in order for Christmas day. There is food that needs to be prepared, decorations to still go up, and last minute gifts to be bought…but, what about the music?

When it comes to any occasion, music is important to set the tone for the event, and this is no different for Christmas. The best way to start up Christmas day is by blasting your favorite Christmas tunes. Between these eight Spotify playlists that I have provided below, you’ll be sure to have enough music to last the entire day!

  1. Christmas Jazz
  2. Christmas Pop
  3. Christmas 2022
  4. Christmas.time.always
  5. Christmas Hits
  6. Christmas Classics
  7. Acappella Christmas
  8. Ultimate Christmas Playlist (mine)

As a fan of Christmas music, I will be playing these all throughout the house the entire weekend! Are you a fan of Christmas music? Do you have your music ready for Christmas day?

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