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Blogmas Day 22: How To Bring The Holiday Magic Into The New Year

One of my favorite things about the holidays is the holiday magic. It’s something that I start to feel almost instantly when the holidays begin to come around. I can’t say it’s the same as a Hallmark movie, but it’s pretty close! There’s just something different about the air…especially when you begin to feel that wintery chill.

Not everyone may feel the holiday magic, but for those who do, the feeling of when it leaves is a sad one. The decorations are getting taken down, there are no more Christmas movies being played, and the station on the radio that’s been playing Christmas music since November is back to playing its usual tunes.

Though life comes back to its regularly scheduled program, the holiday magic doesn’t have to come to an end. There’s a way to keep the holiday magic and bring it into the new year, even after you’ve taken down the tree!

Make how you feel during the holidays a priority.

If you love the holidays, the joy that comes when the holidays are back is one that is indescribable. It’s such an amazing feeling and it’s almost like nothing can bring you down as long as you have your eggnog and Christmas tunes. Once the holidays are over, keep that feeling in mind when you go into the next year. Life is going to always happen…you can’t control that…but one thing you can control is not allowing anyone to take your magic from you. Don’t let anyone stop your joy, no matter who they are.

Forget what anyone says and keep those decorations.

Some people are so stuck on traditions and take the decorations down right after Christmas. They believe that once Christmas is over…it’s over…and for anyone who keeps their decorations up is weird. Forget what they say and do what makes you happy! If you love your Christmas decorations and they make you happy, keep them up as long as you’d like! Something I’ve just started trying to do is keep my decorations up all winter season. One month isn’t enough for me and I love the beauty of my decorations, so I just decided to keep them up during winter. You can keep them all the way into next Christmas if you choose…it’s all up to you and what makes you happy!

Do things that make you feel like a kid again.

The holidays are often when people choose to embrace their inner child and begin to feel like kids again. However, you don’t have to only embrace your inner child during the holidays. You can keep that holiday magic all year long by doing things year-round that make you feel like a kid again. Think about the things you loved doing as a child and take time to recreate those moments. You’ll thank yourself for doing it and so will your inner child.

As I said, the holiday magic doesn’t have to end after Christmas. It can remain with you all year long and you can help spread it to those who struggle to find it at all.

How would you try to keep the magic all year long? Let me know in the comments!


    • I feel you on the lazy thing lol. Valentine’s Day isn’t my favorite holiday but I love seeing all the pink since it’s my favorite color!

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