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Blogmas Day 22: Gift Ideas Part 2

I am back again with another gift ideas post! We’re a lot closer to Christmas than we were when I made my last post. It’s T-minus 3 days until Christmas (can you believe it!?) and the procrastinating Christmas shoppers are starting to head out…or waiting until Christmas Eve. If you’re frantically looking for something to buy, don’t worry, I have a little list that might be able to inspire you. Also, if you want to see my first gift idea post, you can check it out here!

1. Subscriptions. Subscriptions can always be a nice gift to give someone for Christmas. It could be a subscription box, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. I feel like gifting a subscription isn’t thought of too often, but you never know. It may be just what someone wanted/needed.

2. Movie Gift Card. This idea came to me since working at the movies I’ve learned that around this time of the year there are always people coming to buy gift cards. If you know someone who loves the movies, then this would be the absolute perfect gift for them. You can put enough on it so they can get a movie and snacks and they’re good to go! This is especially good if you’re last minute shopping since they’re quick to purchase at your local movie theater. 

3. Pay A Bill. Those of you with bills know how wonderful it is when someone just decides to help out and pay a bill for you. So why not do the same for someone else? That could be the ultimate Christmas gift for someone who’s struggling to get them all paid. Doesn’t matter which bill you choose, the person you’re paying the bill for will be very grateful.

4. Electronics. I feel like you can never go wrong with electronics. Earphones, tablet, bluetooth speaker, etc. Especially if the person you’re gifting is high tech and loves things like that. Since it’s close to Christmas, your best bet would be to go directly to a store and get it. You can pick it up, wrap it, and you’ll be good to go.

5. Essentials. Along with paying a bill, another gift I know an adult will love is seriously just getting them the essentials. Literally. Like new pots, coffee maker (a Keurig is seriously a nice gift), a rug, etc. Sounds boring I know, but as boring as it sounds, a rug might end up being one of the best Christmas gifts they could get because it was needed and now they don’t have to purchase it themselves.

I hope this little list has helped you with some ideas on what to gift for Christmas. Good luck and happy last minute shopping!

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