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Blogmas Day 20: 15 Activities To Do During The Winter

The winter season is tomorrow (and has already come for others), and with that comes the chilling cold. For some, the winter is best enjoyed indoors while others love to fully embrace the cold.

There are activities for everyone out there to enjoy during the winter season and I have shared fifteen of them below! Whether you like to stay in the warmth or go out into the cold, there are tons of fun activities for you to choose from!

1. Go ice skating

2. Go sledding

3. Build a snowman

4. Make snow angels

5. Have a snowball fight

6. Create a cozy movie night in

7. Bake goodies

8. Stay in and drink hot chocolate by the fire

9. Have a bonfire

10. Go look at Christmas lights

11. Do some online shopping

12. Watch Vlogmas videos on Youtube

13. Try a new hobby

14. Take a vacation to a cabin

15. Try making arts and crafts

With a great list like this one, it’s hard not finding something that you’ll love to do! What’s your favorite winter activity?


    • Yes, you absolutely should! I haven’t been to a light show in years…maybe since middle or high school. I’m glad you love the list ♥

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