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Blogmas Day 2: Small Black-Owned Businesses To Shop For Christmas!

There’s nothing I love more than supporting black-owned businesses! It means a lot more to me being black myself and planning on selling my own merchandise in the *near* future. If you’re looking for a gift to give someone or even yourself, then why not help a small business out by supporting them!? If you want to find a black-owned business to support, then no worries, just check out these few small black-owned businesses below!


Genuine Body Scrubs

If you know someone who likes body scrubs, especially homemade body scrubs, then I’d check out Genuine Body Scrubs. With nothing but real products being used, there’s nothing artificial about the scrubs! Support, check the owner Jaime and her store out, and give the gift of smooth skin!

bare and free.jpg

Bare and Free Beauty

This business believes in celebrating individuality and the owner is a vegan, which means, so are the products! So if you have friends or family who are practicing veganism and have no idea what to give them, then look no further. Products are offered from CC Serums to a detoxifying charcoal mask, and there are even spirit services offered. The business is run by Alanna Paige. Check her out and support!

socially awkward club

Socially Awkward Club

I relate to this so much seeing that I am socially awkward myself. Now you have the perfect gift to give that awkward friend of yours or even yourself! This socially Awkward Club merchandise designed by Angela, also known by her blog name “Weird Louise“. Not only is she a great blogger and supporter, but she has products from shirts to stickers, to mugs. All for the socially awkward.


Black Educated Entrepreneur (B.E.E.)

B.E.E. is a brand made by one of my closest friends Angela. If you and your friends are a group of Black Educated Entrepreneurs, then why not get some shirts for you guys to represent!? No better way to say it than by wearing it on a shirt! Not only does Angela have her own brand that she’s made, but she also does hair and makes music. A Black educated entrepreneur herself making clothing for other black educated entrepreneurs!


Speak Up Sis

Angel is a wonderful woman who I’ve gotten to meet. She has her own book, which will make a great gift for someone who loves to read. She also has something for the jewelry lover…earrings! They are handcrafted, which means each pair is special and different from the rest. Support this black business AND gift someone with a book and a pair of earrings!

There are so many more small black owned businesses. These are just a small few. If you guys would like a part two of small businesses or just black owned businesses/companies in general, then comment below and I will make another post!


  1. Thanks for including my shop in your post. I’m for sure going to check out the other businesses you listed. The B.E.E is right up my alley, and I love their shirt designs. And the body scrubs would make an excellent stocking stuffer. You just made my Christmas shopping a lot easier. Thanks for sharing.


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