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Blogmas Day 2: Delicious Christmas Cookie Ideas!

Today is not only blogmas day 2, but it’s National Cookie Day!

Cookies are a delectable treat that you can all year round, but in the spirit of the season, today is all about Christmas cookies! Everyone loves a good Christmas cookie (especially Santa), and there are so many out there to try.

Below are just a few delicious Christmas cookie ideas, but if you have more to add, feel free to drop them in the comments!

Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are a traditional treat that you just can’t beat! Personally, I can eat these cookies all year round, but making festive shapes such as Christmas trees sets off the holidays. They also go great with a nice cup of eggnog!

Holiday M&M Cookies

Holiday M&M cookies put a festive twist on the traditional M&M cookies we all know and love! Grab those red and green M&M’s with some red and green sprinkles and you’re good to go!

Red Velvet Cookies

Red velvet cookies are my favorite cookies to eat during the holiday season! Honestly, anything red velvet is delicious! There are many recipes to make these delicious cookies, however, nothing beats my grandmother’s cookies which I look forward to every year.


Snickerdoodles are another traditional staple cookie that is a must-have during the Christmas season. They are soft and filled with cinnamon deliciousness! If you’d like to take them a step up, you can also make them filled. However you choose to make them, be sure to pair them with a nice glass of eggnog!

Wreath Cookies

Being the shape and design of a wreath, wreath cookies are the perfect Christmas cookies for you and your kids to make together! You’ll not only have fun making them, but even more fun eating them!

Spritz Cookies

Spritz cookies are what I like to think of as a fun twist to sugar cookies! The way that they’re made makes them unique and a fun addition to the Christmas cookie list!

These cookies are not just a great idea to make today, but all through the holiday season!

Which of the cookies on the list would you make to celebrate National Cookie Day? Do you bake cookies every year as a tradition and if so, which kind?

Let’s chat in the comments!

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