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Blogmas Day 19: Things To Do If You Don’t Celebrate Christmas

I made a blog post with suggestions on Christmassy things to do. But, not everyone celebrates Christmas or wants to do Christmas activities. With that being in mind, I decided to create this post for the ones who aren’t so festive or just doesn’t celebrate the holidays for religious or any other reason.

1. Go on vacation

Caucasian girl swimming in infinity pool

A vacation is always nice to do during the holidays, especially if it’s cold and you prefer warmer weather. It’s great to do alone or with family and friends.

2. Treat yoself

treat yoself

Maybe you won’t be spending the holiday’s gifting others with gifts, but who says you can’t gift yourself a gift? It’s technically not Christmassy because we all gift ourselves things anytime of the year. Go ahead and give yourself a gift just because…you deserve it!

3. Volunteer


Maybe you not celebrating Christmas is a choice, but there are others out there who have no choice but to almost forget Christmas doesn’t exist because it’s that bad for them. You can help make their holiday a little better by volunteering and making someone smile.

4. Go out


On Christmas day, there may not be a whole lot of things available, but you can go out if you don’t want to stay inside. You can go eat, go to the movies (I wouldn’t recommend but that’s just me being salty because I have to work the holidays), or whatever you can find.

5. Do Christmassy things


Even though you don’t celebrate Christmas, maybe you can still do some Christmassy things during December, like building a snowman if it’s snowing in your area. You can look at my post, which I’ll link again here, for Christmassy ideas and tailor them any way you like.

I hope this post helps and I wish that the rest of your 2018 is a good one!

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