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Blogmas Day 18: My Christmas Day Morning Routine

It’s Christmas eve! Which means…tomorrow is Christmas! Ah, I’m so excited! Who else is just as excited as I am? Does anyone have a morning routine for Christmas day? It doesn’t have to include cleansing your face and all the things regular morning routines typically include. Something on your morning routine for Christmas day could include you getting the food prepped with Christmas music in the background. I have my own way of starting Christmas day on the right foot, and I thought it would be fun to share it with you guys! This isn’t exactly a routine, but just the way I usually like to start my Christmas morning.

Step 1: Wake up yelling “It’s Christmaaas!”

True representation of how I wake up Christmas morning

I’m not even joking, this is truly how I wake up on Christmas morning as if I was a little child again. Knowing it’s Christmas makes me so happy and I can’t help but yell it! Don’t get me wrong though, I’ve had my groggy mornings but soon I get up and I’m right in the Christmas spirit.

Step 2: Open the blinds and turn the tv to a Christmas movie

Next I love to open the blinds, which I do on the regular anyway, and then I like to turn the Tv onto a channel that has a Christmas movie playing. Typically this is going to be Lifetime or Freeform. Sometimes I also may turn to BET and they may either have a movie on or Christmas specials of Martin or another show. Regardless, I love to start my day right with something Christmassy on my TV!

Step 3: Handle my normal business

stack of toilet paper rolls

Of course, after that, duty calls and I have to handle my normal business and head to the bathroom. But of course, on my way there I’m saying Merry Christmas to my family in the most cheery voice you’ll ever hear in the morning. I’m not even that cheery in the morning after coffee, so you know I love my Christmas!

Step 4: Time for breakfast, coffee, and Christmas music

food plate wood dawn

It’s time to officially get the day going and make some breakfast, but first, it’s a must to get the Christmas music going. I also make sure to turn the Christmas tree lights on as well if they weren’t on already. I also make sure at some point to add some eggnog into my morning, because you absolutely can’t leave out the eggnog! My grandmother is typically doing some preparations with the food or making last-minute desserts. This is the time I like to volunteer my tastebuds just to make sure the mix is just right (can’t be too sure).

Step 5: Time to dress for the festivities

blur bright celebration christmas

After I’ve had my breakfast while being fully immersed in Christmas music and movies, it’s time to get dressed and ready for the day. I love to try my best and dress in Christmassy colors, but nothing too bright or crazy. Lately, I’ve been wearing more deep greens on Christmas. No reason in particular, I’ve just found some really cute pieces in that color. But I always, always, always complete the outfit with some type of festive hat! This could be a Santa hat, an elf hat, or some reindeer antlers. It puts the look together! By then I’m ready to eat and to give everyone their presents. Okay, I was ready for that the moment I opened my eyes, but now I’m dressed properly for the occasion.

There you have it, my Christmas day morning routine! Do you have a routine you typically do on Christmas morning? I’d love to know!


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