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Blogmas Day 17: Must See 2022 Christmas Movies

I am a big fan of Christmas movies and welcome them in my home every year! Some may say that they’re cheesy (and they are), but I enjoy it as they suck me in every single time.

I love watching my favorites that tend to come on the screen every year on Hallmark, Lifetime, and more but one thing I’m always excited about is seeing what new will be coming to the screen! It’s always fun to see what new Christmas goodies I will be binging this holiday season. Below is a list of some must see movies that I recommend you give a try yourself. These are all new movies that came out so far this year and are worth the watch!

Kirk Franklin’s The Night Before Christmas

A New Orleans Noel

Steppin Into The Holiday

The 12 Days Of Christmas Eve

Ghosts Of Christmas Always

A Magical Christmas Village

All Saints Christmas

Inventing The Christmas Prince

A Holiday Spectacular

All I Didn’t Want For Christmas

The Sound Of Christmas

If you haven’t seen any of these movies or only a few, it sounds like tonight is the perfect night for a Christmas movie marathon! Grab a cup of hot chocolate, a blanket, and snuggle up as you enjoy some of the new 2022 Christmas movies!


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