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Blogmas Day 17: How To Get Through A Covid Christmas

We have two more days until Christmas! It’s so close, I can taste the red velvet! It’s no secret or surprise that Christmas this year is a little different. There are people who either can’t spend time with their family at all or they can, but it’s nothing like Christmas’s before.

I love Christmas so much and I know I’m personally trying to make the best out of this year because I refuse to let Covid get in the way of my Christmas spirit. It’s possible to get through this Covid Christmas and maintain your holiday cheer despite the circumstances and I’m hoping these few ways that I provide for you will help in case you’re feeling like it’s totally impossible.

Get into an attitude of gratitude.

The first thing to do when you wake up on Christmas day is to put yourself in an attitude of gratitude. This means to just think about or list all of the things you’re grateful for. This has been one hell of a year, and just saying you’ve made it through totally fine sickness wise is enough to get you singing jingle bells!

Blast some Christmas music.

Whether you’re jamming alone or you have family members to dance and sing with this season, blasting your favorite Christmas songs are the best way to get you through, especially if you weren’t feeling too much in the spirit from the start. For one of my blogmas posts, I shared my favorite Christmas songs with you guys. Maybe you’ll enjoy the list yourself or just find a few to have on repeat!

Give your family a call.

You can still spend time with your family…it’s just a little different. Something that has gotten me through not being able to laugh with my friends this year in person is laughing on video chat. You can do the same with your family. If you’re unable to spend Christmas with your parents, siblings, or other family members then video chatting is the next best thing! Maybe you guys can even arrange it to where you’re cooking at the same time. When it time to put up the Christmas tree, my mom and I video chatted so it was like she was there (and best believe she directed my placement of ornaments in her true nature). It was a little rough in the beginning because of the connection, but I still had fun.

Stuff your face.

The holidays are all about stuffing your face. It doesn’t matter if it’s a table for one or it’s just your very close immediate family, it just means you can have more helpings! If nothing gets you through a Covid Christmas, the food certainly will!

Let’s not mention the C-word.

Have you ever heard of out of sight, out of mind? Well, this is the same concept, except it means you’re making it an account to not speak of the C-word on Christmas. Forget the word of the day, it’s been the word of the year! I, myself am going to make it a priority to tell my grandparents not to mention that word not one time on Christmas day. That’s all we’ve heard about along with deaths, hospitalizations, and more. For me to get through Christmas this year with my cheer in tact, I need that one day where it’s not constantly ringing in my ears. This goes for the news as well. If it’s nothing good, then I don’t want to hear anything going on in the white house and you can make sure of the same as well.

Drink your favorite holiday faves.

I absolutely love eggnog and it’s not Christmas time until I have some! Whether it’s eggnog, cider, or something a little stronger, once your favorite drink hits your taste buds you’ll feel like you can get through anything. I have a guest post featured on fellow blogger, Luci’s blog where I gave 10 drinks that’ll have you in the Christmas spirit. If nothing else gets you through, then I’m sure a cup of festive liquid fun will do the trick!

If none of these seem to work, remember that you made it through a very tough year and 2021 is right around the corner. No, you don’t know what’s going to happen, but that just might be the best part.

Do you have your own idea of how you plan on getting through a Covid Christmas? I’d love to hear it in the comments!


  1. I love these suggestions for getting through a COVID Christmas. My favorite is “stuff your face.” Good food always puts me in a good mood. This year for Christmas, I’m going to have a movie marathon and order take-out this year. The last few weeks have been hectic, so I’m looking forward to some relaxation.

    • Movie marathons and take out sounds wonderful! I hope you have a merry Christmas and are able to enjoy it and relax ♥

  2. I think not mentioning the C word is the best thing, we all know what is stopping us from seeing family and friends, we don’t need to talk about it all the time. I think we’re gonna have a facetime call on Christmas with my siblings and then I’ll probably have one with my bestie. This Christmas is going to be so strange and different but I’ve actually bought a disposable camera so that we can remember the weird year of 2020 and maybe I’ll be show it to my future children! x

    • Agreed! I’m going to make sure the house knows for sure not to bring it up. It’s great that you’re going to facetime them and I love the idea of getting a disposable camera to show your future children pictures! It’s definitely something hard to believe lol

  3. These are all amazing ideas! I love the “stuff your face” one. It made me chuckle because thats exactly what I will be doing to help put me a a good mood. This year by far has been hard my family and practiceling gratitude has been helping to keep my in a positive mind frame. Some days are hard, but I’m trying. thanks for sharing

    • Eating always puts me in a good so I had to add it to the list lol. I’m sorry to hear that your family is going through a hard time. Practicing gratitude is a staple especially to get through this year. Sending you lots of love ♥

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