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Blogmas Day 15: 12 Things To Keep In Mind For The New Year

In just a few weeks we will already be into the new year. Each year around this time, there are always similar pieces of tips and advice given out to help you bring in the new year, but they often seem to be forgotten. Some of them are also more focused on aesthetics versus being helpful, which could also be a reason why they don’t stick for as long.

Regardless of the reasoning, there are some helpful tips that should be kept in mind throughout the new year and for future years to come. Below are twelve things to keep in mind when heading into the new year.

  1. Don’t make resolutions…make goals. Goals are things you would like to achieve and involve an actual process to get there. You have to steps with goals which makes you want to write a more realistic and fitting list for the new year.
  2. You don’t have to go to the gym on January 1st. It’s not a requirement and it more than likely won’t last. If you truly want to start working on your health/fitness…start now! Also remember that there are more ways to workout than just going to the gym.
  3. You don’t have to start some health journey just because it’s aesthetic to do so. As I said previously, you don’t have to start going to the gym on January 1st. Along with that, you don’t have to workout at all for that matter. Yes, good health is essential but if you’re going to exercise because it’s typically pushed at the end of the year then it you’re not doing it for you. Only do it for you…and that goes for anything you try to pursue throughout the year.
  4. Never take anything for granted. As we know, life is very unpredictable and we have no idea when the next big (and life-threatening) thing will drop on us. Don’t take like for granted and appreciate every small thing you get to do or experience.
  5. You can do whatever you please. Whatever goals you have for the year, remember to keep in mind that you can do it. If it seems impossible then it is…until you do it…and you will do it!
  6. Technology isn’t everything. We are a very tech world, but it’s not everything at the end of the day. Take some time to enjoy life without technology in the new year. You’ll learn to appreciate life a little bit more.
  7. Remember to cleanse your spaces. Cleansing your spaces periodically is important because you’re making room for something new and better. You’re giving yourself space and dropping things that are unnecessarily crowding. This goes for items and people.
  8. Speak your mind because no one will know how you feel if you don’t say something. Speaking your mind is something that some of us have struggled with for many years, but it’s time to stop that. Keeping things in is bad for your mental health and ultimately doesn’t solve the issue. Let your voice be heard because how you feel matters.
  9. Don’t compromise your mental health for money. This is the one that some readers may pass by but it’s urged that you don’t. Yes, money is needed to live and there should be some form of plan should you quit your job, but don’t stay in a place that’s messing with your mental health. The term money buys happiness is true. Money does buy happiness…but only temporarily. You could end up being able to afford everything you ever wanted, but once you’re done enjoying them…you’ll still end up left with nothing.
  10. Don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones. One thing being on Tiktok taught me is that people love to be in their solitude and do everything alone while shutting others out. Of course it’s important to learn how to spend time with yourself (and love it), but don’t get so caught up in shutting everyone out so much that you accidentally end up alone. Remember to spend time with the ones you love, including your friends. As I said, you never know what could happen in the new year that could be life-threatening.
  11. Do something fun that you’ve always wanted to try. Remember to do that fun thing that you’ve been holding off. It’s time to give it a try…no more waiting another year!
  12. Your best is always good enough. Remember that your best is always and will always be good enough. Life is hard and if all you did was your best, then you’re on a pretty good track!

Remember to keep these twelve things in mind with you throughout the new year and even years beyond. Keep them close and I think they’ll help get you through when you feel that you need a little help.

What’s something you would add to the list?


  1. Great post. I also find that if you want to make goals, you can start now to make goals. I have learned to make goals, maybe one or two for the year that is manageable to attain.

    • Yes, absolutely! I think the earlier you start, the more of a habit it’ll become by the time you’re into the new year. Totally agree β™₯

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