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Blogmas Day 14: How To Set The Vibe For A Cozy Christmassy Night

Winter is approaching, and although some have already dove into the coziness of the holidays, it might be a little hard for others to get into. This especially goes for anyone who lives in an area where it doesn’t snow or get too cold.

Setting the vibe for a cozy Christmassy night in will help give you the illusion that it’s a winter wonderland outside (even if it’s nowhere close to being so). Keep reading for some cozy Christmas vibes!

Put on cozy pajamas

First things first, you can’t start off the Christmas vibes without putting on cozy pajamas. It’s even better if you have Christmas pajamas to help set the tone and officially initiate the night! There is nothing like wearing a fresh set of cozy pajamas when you’re trying to relax and enjoy a night in.

Create an ambiance with lights

It’s time to set the proper ambiance by turning off all of your big lights and turning on your Christmas lights. It’s like a signal that says it’s time to relax and get into Christmas mode!

Light a candle

You don’t only need to see the Christmas vibe, but it’s important to smell it also! Lighting a holiday scented candle doesn’t just add to the ambiance you’re setting with the lighting, but it provides the warm scent of Christmas. With just the candle added alone, you may already feel the coziness.

Prepare hot or white chocolate

Hot chocolate is a must for the season! It helps appeal to the sense of taste, which is also essential to the cozy Christmas vibe. You can take yourself deep into a beautiful wonderland just in one sip. Also, don’t forget to add the marshmallows for the full effect!

Grab a blanket

We’re getting closer to the full Christmas vibes! It’s time to grab your favorite blanket that keeps you nice and warm. You can snuggle up in it as you sip on your nice hot chocolate.

Put on a fireplace video with music

If you don’t have a fireplace, that’s no problem because we have technology! You can have a fireplace in your home within seconds by going on Youtube. I highly suggest picking one that includes Christmas music for maximum vibes!

Relax on your couch or bed and enjoy the Christmas vibes

Finally, it’s time to relax! You’ve done all the steps to create the coziest, Christmassy night and now you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Sit back and relax as you take in the atmosphere of a cold winter night in your home.

The coziness of the holidays is a vibe and you now have the steps to replicate that in your own home! Is there anything that you would add to this list? What’s your favorite way to create a cozy Christmassy vibe?


  1. Love these ideas, it’s nice and relaxing feeling cosy at Christmas! I’m wrapped up in my blanket at the moment, with snowflake fairy lights in the background πŸ™‚ x

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