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Blogmas Day 14: 4 Must-Have Bath And Body Works Scents During The Holidays

I’m a Bath and Body Works fanatic! I receive the coupons faithfully, and it takes everything in me not to partake in a sale. Because of this, I decided to share four scents that are must-haves during the holidays. Now, I won’t lie, two of the scents aren’t holiday scents but I love them so much that I could smell them any time of the year. I haven’t been in an actual Bath and Body Works store this year so I couldn’t add in any of the new scents, but hopefully next year that will change!

Winter Candy Apple

As far as an actual seasonal scent goes, this is my fave! I have the candle, and I’m waiting to light it because I want to get more before I use the one I have. It smells so good and a must for the holiday season. Bath and Body Works describes the fragrance as “candied apples, crisp pears, oranges with essential oils”. If you’ve never smelled it, the fragrance description alone makes you want to buy it!

Vanilla Bean Noel

Vanilla Bean Noel just screams Christmas, I mean, look at the packaging! The perfect scent to get you into the holiday spirit. Bath and Body Works describes the fragrance as “vanilla bean, marshmallow fluff, vanilla cake with essential oil”. That sounds sweet and delicious!

Mahogany Teakwood

So this isn’t a holiday scent, but I think it’s good for any time of the year. I absolutely love this scent, and if you have a significant other, I suggest buying this for them also just so that you can smell it on them! I have the candle burning currently as we speak! Bath and Body Works describes the fragrance as “rich mahogany, black teakwood, oak, frosted lavender with essential oils”.

Pink Chiffon

This one is my favorite scent overall and an absolute must-have! As you can tell, it’s the other non-holiday scent, but it’s another one that I can use any time of the year. Bath and Body Works describes the fragrance as “sparkling red pear, jasmine petals, tiare flowers, vanilla orchid, chiffon musk”.

If you love Bath and Body Works as much as I do, and haven’t tried any of these scents, then I suggest trying them!

What are your favorite Bath and Body Works holiday scents or just scents in general?


  1. Ooh good choices! My hand soap/body is always Twisted Peppermint, for like years. I look forward to it every winter lol! But candles would also be Hot Cocoa Cream and Blueberry Sugar is a new fav of mine! And for New Years I light Champagne Toast!

    I really missed when they’d do special Winter Aromatherapy scents! Or have those cute products of the Lamb! I wonder whatever happened to her lol.

    • The Honey lotion is so good! I miss going into Bath and Body works. I love smelling all the scents, but knowing how packed it would be for the holidays, I opted to just getting candles delivered this year.

  2. I never did get to check out Bath and Body Works this holiday because every time I went there, the lines were SO long! And I don’t have the patience to stand in line! I definitely feel like I missed out on some good finds this year.

    • Yea that’s why I went with going online. I understand with wanting to go inside though if you want to try out new scents plus the shipping has been a bit of a wait. Maybe next year will be better!

      • I ordered a melatonin supplement on Dec 11, 2020 and I’m still waiting for it. Online shopping frustrates me because of the wait times to get the parcels. Ironically, I think standing in a long line is faster than ordering online 😂 I try not to window shop and don’t really need anything from Bath and Body Works, so I haven’t shopped there this season. Yes, maybe next year will be better!

        • You’re definitely right about that, but somehow I still rather order online than stand in line lol! It’s smart not to go then if you didn’t really need anything. Knowing me, I’d go just to find something 😂

          • We’re not in lockdown mode whereas other provinces are. I find shopping more enjoyable when I know I’m looking for something specific. Online shopping is dangerous for me because it’s easy to get carried away lol

          • absolutely agreed lol. Only wanted one thing and next thing you know, you’re doing the process of elimination in your cart lol 😂

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