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Blogmas Day 13: How To Host A Virtual Christmas Party

2020 is truly the year of virtual…well, everything. In October, I made a post on how to host a virtual Halloween party. Now, I’m showing you how to host a virtual Christmas party! What’s better than a virtual Christmas party? An in-person one. But, we have to work with what we got for now, so virtual will have to do!

Create a dress code

To make it more fun, create a dress code for everyone to follow. You can make it whatever you please, from holiday extravaganza to Christmas onesies and pajamas. An idea that I discussed in my post regarding hosting a virtual Halloween party, I stated that you can make a contest for the best costume, and the same goes for a Christmas party. Whoever has the best outfit can win a prize!

Blast some Christmas music jams

You can’t have a Christmas party without the Christmas music. If Michael Buble and Mariah Carey aren’t playing, then the party isn’t happening! Connect your phone to some Bluetooth speakers and have some fun. A note I’d like to add is to make sure the notifications on your phone are turned off. You don’t want to hear a bunch of buzzing in between the songs or a lot of pausing. That’s not such a cheery moment.

Get festive with decor

I would like to assume that someone who’s festive enough to throw a Christmas party would already have their decorations up, but you can’t always assume. If you don’t have any Christmas decor up, then this party is the perfect excuse to go all out with the Christmas decorations! Grab some tinsel, lights, all the trimmings! I love cute Christmas decor so I would have some expectations with this one!

Get Santa involved

I think the cutest (and funniest) thing is to get a family member or friend to join in and dress up as Santa clause. If you can’t get anyone to do it and you’re looking for an even bigger laugh, tell your guests you’ll be right back and then go off to make a quick change into a Santa suit. They will find it hilarious and I think that’s what Christmas is all about…joking around and enjoying time with the ones you love to be around.

Add in some festive treats

What’s a Christmas party without some treats!? Unfortunately, no one is there to experience them in person, but everyone can make their own cookies and you can enjoy them all together. A fun idea to add is having a cookie decorating/design contest. You can choose to either do it while video chatting or beforehand. Then, you can judge and pick your favorite!

I’m huge on Christmas and I believe that nothing…not even miss rona…can stop the Christmas cheer and festivities. Have fun and throw the best virtual Christmas party ever!

Happy Holidays!

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