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Blogmas Day 13: Begin Setting The Tone For The New Year!

The new year is vastly approaching with there only being about two weeks left of 2023. Time is flying by and before we know it, we’ll be saying Happy New Year at the stroke of midnight! With that said, it’s important to begin setting the tone for the new year to come.

Setting the tone looks different for everyone, but it’s something that everyone should do to ensure the year starts as best as possible and you’re setting the tone for a prosperous, hopeful new year.

The importance of setting the tone.

As stated, setting the tone for the new year helps to start the year as prosperous and hopeful as possible. To some, setting the tone means making new year resolutions, but those don’t always work out. Often times people write down big resolutions, but by the end of the year, you realize how barely any of them (if any of them) get done. Setting the tone means being intentional and planting the seeds for what you want to happen in the new year. Though you can go into the year without any plan or idea, knowing what you want means you know what goals to go after and things will seem a little less hectic or out of place.

How to set the tone for the new year.

Everyone has their way of preparing for a new year, but there are a few ways that can help. Even though the way we prepare for a new year is based on the person, each person should have the thought of being intentional in mind. It’s also important to make sure you’re realistic with how you choose to go about it. You can set the tone for 2024 by:

  • Making an overall goals list (not resolutions)
  • Breaking down your big goals into smaller goals
  • Getting a physical or digital planner
  • Setting boundaries to those close to you
  • Picking a word or phrase that reflects how you want the year to be/reflects your goals
  • Remembering to be patient with yourself and give yourself grace
  • Choosing affirmations to repeat daily that fit your goals

There are more ways to help set the tone, and you don’t have to do all of these either, but these are just a few ways to help you. Intention is everything when it comes to what you want and how you plan to begin and end the new year.

Setting the tone for the new year means more than just saying how you want 2024 to go, but putting in the work to ensure those things happen. Everyone deserves to have a fresh start, and the process can begin right now!

How do you plan to set the tone for the new year? Let me know in the comments!

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