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Blogmas Day 13: 8 Family Fun Holiday Activities

The holidays are all about family and enjoying time with the ones you love. As we dive deeper into the holiday season, the festivities are in full effect! A lot of families now are looking to find fun activities that they can do and enjoy together.

To help anyone that this relates to, I have provided eight activities that are sure to provide fun memories for you and your loved ones!

Make gingerbread houses

Making gingerbread houses is a staple family holiday activity that can allow everyone to tap into their creative side! You can join together to build one big house or each make your own house. One thing my mother and I love to do is have a little competition on who has the best design. It’s so fun and allows us a challenge to tap into our most creative selves!

Bake Christmas goodies

Baking Christmas goodies together is not only fun but a delicious way to do something as a family. The more hands on deck, the more goodies you can make! There are so many different treats you can make, which means many sweet possibilities.

Go see Christmas lights

It is really the holidays if Christmas lights aren’t involved? Light shows are so fun and a must-see during the holidays with your family! There are some people that create them at their houses and some that are set up in certain parks. Find a Christmas light show near you and take your family to see the beautiful lights!

Play in the snow

Unfortunately, I live where snowing is rare, but if you live where it’s common to snow then going out to play in it with your family should be added to your checklist! Making snow angels, building a snowman, and snowball fights are all part of the fun when you’re indulging in the winter wonderland with your loved ones.

Put together the tree

Most of you may already have your trees up, but for those who don’t, doing it together is a great way to bond and bring in the holidays. It also helps make the process go a little bit faster when there are more hands on deck. Everyone having a hand in putting up the tree and decorating it leaves a memory that none of you will ever forget.

Watch Christmas movies

A Christmas movie night is a must during the holidays! Everyone can pick out some of their favorite Christmas movies and you all can have a movie marathon. Pop some popcorn, grab a few goodies, get some hot chocolate, and enjoy a cozy night indoors with your family!

Go caroling

I’m not sure how many people actually go caroling these days, but why not bring it back with your family!? The holidays are all about spreading cheer and you can do just that together by singing the most festive Christmas songs. Maybe people will even join you guys just like in the Hallmark movies!

Decorate Christmas stockings

This activity is another one that allows you and your family to let your creativity flow together! Decorating your stockings is so much fun and you can all have a certain theme or everyone can do their own thing. It’s something so special and those stockings can be used every year as a reminder of the fun you all had when you decorated them.

All of these activities are all so fun and very family-friendly! Whether you choose to do one or all of these things, you’ll be sure to create memories that none of you will ever forget for years to come.


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