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Blogmas Day 12: Naughty Or Nice List-Blogger Edition

He’s making a list. Checking it twice. Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.

Uh oh, Santa’s checking…and now so am I. It’s time to go through the naughty and nice list, but this one is a blogger edition! There are some habits in the blogging community that are either really naughty or really nice. Today, we’re checking the list…and we’re checking it twice!


  1. Not supporting others
  2. Not double checking for errors before posting
  3. copying another blogger’s work
  4. writing only topics you think are popular
  5. Sharing false information in a post
  6. Comparing yourself to other bloggers
  7. Only blogging for money
  8. Obsessing over numbers
  9. Not replying to comments
  10. Posting about a product just for the money
  11. Not telling your audience when there’s an ad or affiliate links
  12. Being stubborn about gaining more knowledge in your craft


  1. Being consistent
  2. Creating an email list
  3. Providing freebies
  4. Collaborating
  5. Providing affiliate opportunities
  6. Scheduling posts
  7. Creating content that fits what you like
  8. Getting people to engage in the comments
  9. Nominating other bloggers for blogger tags
  10. Buying other blogger’s E-books, merch, etc.
  11. Remaining humble and grateful no matter how big you get
  12. Taking courses and doing all you can to grow and expand

Can you think of anything else to add to the naughty and nice list? From this list, would you say you’re more naughty or nice?


    • Well, if you do all of them, then I guess that means you can choose where you fall! Nothing wrong with being a little naughty lol

  1. I love replying to comments – it’s one of my favorite blogging ‘tasks’ to do. Kind of hard to think of any reason why you wouldn’t to it. For me, I would add to the naughty list the idea of expecting a reciprocal follow back. I would rather have someone follow me because they enjoy the content I produce, not because they want to up their numbers.

    I would say I’m definitely not naughty, but trying my best to be nice.

    • I love replying to comments also! It’s a great way to connect with others. I like the idea of adding expecting a follow back to the list. I’ve been trying to get out of the habit of following back when just because someone followed me. I’m just always trying to support others and I feel bad, but it shouldn’t be that way. And all we can do is try!

  2. There are some INCREDIBLE people in the blogging community that do a great job of supporting others. However, there are also those on the other end of the spectrum. I try to set aside some time each day to read and engage on the content of others to show some support – it may not always be a lot but I know that a single comment can sometimes make someone’s day. I’d like to know that I am bringing that smile to a fellow blogger’s face!

    • It’s great that you do that! I’m not always the best at returning comments right away or regularly going to people’s blogs because I have so much to do that my mind is everywhere, but I do take the time at some point to make sure I do that. People take their time to show me love and support, and I’m always so appreciative and love to show the support back!

  3. Such a fun post!! I’ve only been live with my blog for 3 months so I’m on the nice and naughty lists right now while I’m trying to set everything up and be consistent but I think that’s ok as Rome wasn’t built in a day. Thanks for sharing this list of things for me to focus on 🙂

    • Welcome to the blogging community! I’m so glad you loved this post, and you’ll get there for sure! There are some bloggers who’ve been blogging for years and are on the naughty list so I think you’re doing great 😊

  4. Hahaha I love this post! I do double check for errors but sometimes I miss maybe one still. Does that mean I’m naughty? Lol lol.

    I try to do most of the nice things as much as i can as well. Thanks for sharing. Very unique post.

    • I wouldn’t say that makes you naughty, but it’s all about how you interpret it lol. I’m glad you liked my post! Thanks for reading and commenting ♥


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