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Blogmas Day 12: Getting Through The Holidays When You’re Single

Mistletoe. Carriage rides. Cuddling by the fireplace.

These are all lovely things to do during the wintery holidays….if you’re not single. Granted, you can do a carriage ride alone and snuggle up with your blanket or pet by the fireplace. I mean, hey, you can even get a mirror and kiss yourself under the mistletoe. Despite being able to still partake in these things if you’re single, you still may have a sense of feeling that you’re very single during this time.

If not with that, then maybe with the couple photos in the matching pj’s while you’re just matching pjs with your dog (honestly, I see nothing wrong with this very cute idea).

Regardless of what has you getting that sense of loneliness during the holidays, I’m here to say that you can get through it! And you can do this without making a horrible mistake (aka texting your ex because you feel like you have no other hope. mhm. I know you know what I’m talking about).

If you’re single during the holidays and your friends are all boo’d up for the winter, try just doing things for yourself. You could be good all throughout the year, but once the holidays roll around, the pity party of loneliness hones in. Don’t let it. Like many things in life, sometimes it’s just for a season.

The holidays are about togetherness…so come together with others! Do Surround yourself with love from your family and friends. Spread love to others that are also single or alone on the holidays, like volunteering at homeless shelters. And then when you’re home alone and feel a wave of loneliness, just do something you like to do for yourself. Whatever that may involve. Maybe take a nice warm bath, drink some wine or whatever your drink of choice may be, cuddle up in your blanket and watch a movie. Do whatever you love to do for yourself.

I know it may seem like a struggle, but we can make it through this single holiday season together!


  1. This will be my first year being single on a holiday in over a decade and honestly, I’m so here for it. I can celebrate the Solstice my way and not have my traditions take a backseat to some S.O.’s insistence on Christmas with their family.

    Besides, I have never once dated someone who wanted a romantic sleigh ride or a kiss under the mistletoe. Do these people exist???

    • really?? wow that sucks. And I’m honestly usually single during the holidays. I’ve never done any of those things but people are out there that do them! Shoutout to you for celebrating the holidays the way you want for once!

  2. This is a great post! I understand your point of view completely, keep a positive mindset for it all! spread love and celebrate togetherness with friends and family!

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