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Blogmas Day 12: Diary Entry #55- Something Feels A Little Bit Off

Dear diary,

I absolutely love the holidays and continue to remain in the holiday spirit every single year. This year is no different from the others as I’ve been fully immersing myself into Christmas music, Christmas movies from multiple different stations, and I’ve purchased items to make holiday drinks. The holiday season will always remain my favorite no matter how old I get.

However, although I’ve continued to remain in the holiday spirit, there seems to be something just a little bit off this year. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but I may have an idea. I despise the cold with a passion, but around this time it’s a lot more chilly than it’s been. I may not like the cold, but it’s also the cherry on top in making it feel like the holidays. Around this time, I could easily need a long sleeve shirt or maybe even a sweater and it hasn’t been to that level…or at least not for long. I know it isn’t winter yet and I may regret my words around later in the month or around January, but I’m just looking for whatever it is that’s missing for me to fully feel the holiday spirit like I usually do. I’m not sure what it is, but I’ll continue to enjoy the festivities and hope that the one thing missing will pop up soon.

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