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Blogmas Day 11: 22 Lessons 2022 Has Taught Me

When I look at the calendar, I see how fast December is flying by. This year as a whole has flown by, and it has been gracious to some, while not so gracious to others. I’ve had a lot of things that I’ve gone through this year and many lessons were learned.

I decided to share twenty-two lessons that I’ve learned this year and I think that you may discover some that you’ve learned yourself as well.

A quick disclaimer: These are lessons that I have learned and no one else. You may see some of these things and think that I’m wrong or they don’t seem right, but please remember that they’re based on my own personal experiences this year.

  1. I can truly achieve my biggest goals and dreams if I just take the step out there and go for whatever it is that I want to do.
  2. Too much alone time will allow you to go absolutely crazy.
  3. Life comes at you very fast and things around you are going to keep moving and changing no matter what. You have to adjust and get used to those new changes because things are never reverting back to the way they used to be.
  4. Wanting to express things that you’re not okay with isn’t you trying to dive into conflict or arguments. Your voice deserves to be heard.
  5. Not everyone is meant to or will stay in your life and that’s okay. Even people who you just knew were going to be there for a lifetime might’ve meant to only be there for a certain timespan in your life…and even then it might not be the end.
  6. Your mental health can make you lose everyone and everything…including yourself…if you don’t know how to work on it or can’t afford to get the proper help you need.
  7. It’s okay to cry over slowly losing everything you once had…no matter how big or small.
  8. The ability to drown out and emotionally ignore all problems is amazing…not good…but amazing.
  9. You can’t force anyone to understand where you’re coming from or what you mean. As frustrating as it is, some choose to only see one side and you can’t do much, or anything at all, about it.
  10. Protecting your peace is the upmost important thing in the world.
  11. Some people will grind their bodies and mental health to the bone to do whatever they have to do because money rules the world. Others truly don’t care about money and will figure something out no matter what the circumstance is because they just can’t get themselves to care enough to drown themselves in the hustle and grind mentality…I am one of those people.
  12. You don’t have to do all of the small tasks at once that you’ve been struggling to do…just start with one and go from there.
  13. A lot of people really only care about themselves/what does or doesn’t affect them and that is sad.
  14. Starting and sticking to bad habits is easy, but getting back to the good habits is hard.
  15. It’s okay to take an unplanned mental health break. Consistency will always remain key, but not for the price of your sanity.
  16. Failing at the beginning of your business sucks, but that doesn’t make you a failure.
  17. Your internet community can sometimes become stronger than the community you thought you had in real life.
  18. Check in on those who make sure to check in on you. We all are going through something, even if one thing is harder to understand than the other, and everyone needs to know that someone is there for them to listen.
  19. When someone asks you how you’re doing, it’s okay to deviate from the script of saying “I’m fine” and say that you’re not okay.
  20. I have a lot of sh** in my life that is completely out of whack, and I have to learn how to get it all in order, but I can do it one moment at a time.
  21. No matter what’s happening in the world or how scared you may be about it, the earth is going to continue to spin. You have to navigate the best you can.
  22. An internet break is absolutely necessary. There is way too much craziness and division on there that will consume your brain if you allow it to.
  23. *Bonus* You are a bad bitch and once you discover how bad you are, no one will ever be able to tell you otherwise…not even yourself.

The year isn’t officially over, and though we don’t have long at all, there are still so many lessons that could be learned just within these next few weeks.

What’s one lesson you would say you’ve learned this year?

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