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Blogmas Day 11: 11 Holiday Date Ideas For 2023

The holidays are the most romantic time of year with all of the lights, music, and holiday vibes. This provides couples with plenty of material to come up with more festive date ideas for the holiday season!

If you’re looking to spark the mood in a festive way, check out these holiday date ideas below!

1. Ice Skating

Tis the season for the skating rinks to be open! Whether either of you have skated before or you both want to try something new, ice skating makes a fun date to try! If you are both trying ice skating for the first time, it also provides a funny new experience as you try not to fall on the ice. You both can warm up after ice skating by ending the date with a nice cup of hot chocolate!

2. Christmas Light Show

Christmas lights are so beautiful, which makes a Christmas light show the perfect romantic date idea. Depending on what’s available near you, there are drive-thru or walk-through light shows to view. Whichever one you choose, they’ll provide an evening of festive romance for you and your date.

3. Christmas Movie Marathon

Who needs to go out to the movies when you can have a movie date at home? You and your date can make a list of your favorite Christmas movies, pop popcorn, grab blankets, and have a Christmas movie marathon! This is a much more intimate way to enjoy each other while enjoying the holidays.

4. Decorating Christmas cookies

Decorating Christmas cookies is always a fun go-to date for the holidays! Amping the experience up by baking them yourselves first can add more fun to it and provide another experience. If you’re both competitive, turn the date into a fun competition to see whose cookies are decorated the best!

5. Christmas Tree Farm Date

A fun, different kind of date idea is to walk through a Christmas tree farm. Looking at all the different types of beautiful trees will be enough to fill you both with Christmas spirit. Who knows, maybe it’ll even convince you to make a purchase and take one home!

6. Indoor picnic

Picnics are nice, but it’s getting a little chilly to have one outdoors. An indoor picnic is the perfect twist to what you would have outside. You can still do everything you would in a normal picnic, except you both won’t freeze from the cold! Add a romantic Christmassy touch to it by adding lights and Jazz Christmas music into the mix!

7. Horse And Carriage Ride

A horse and carriage ride will have you and your date feeling like Cinderella and Prince Charming in the wintertime! One of the more classic date ideas, you can never go wrong as you both take a romantic ride through the city. It snowing would make the experience even more beautiful as you see the sights!

8. Coffee Shop Date

Another classic date idea, coffee shop dates are perfect for any time of the year! If it gets really cold where you live, staying inside and conversing over a warm cup of coffee is an ideal kind of date. Coffee shop dates make a great first date idea as you try to get to know each other.

9. Sleigh Ride

An even more festive mix to a horse and carriage ride, a sleigh ride screams Christmas! If you don’t live where sleigh rides are available, taking the date a step further and going on a holiday vacation together where you’re able to is even better!

10. Holiday Arts And Crafts

Bring the inner child out of both of you by doing a holiday arts and crafts date! The holidays are about feeling like a kid again and this date is perfect for that. Go to the store, grab the items that you need, and get to work! You can make homemade ornaments for the tree, make snowflakes, or whatever is it you both would like to do. Don’t forget to play Christmas music in the background while you’re doing it!

11. A Holiday Photoshoot

Photoshoots are fun, so why not create a couple holiday shoot!? Whether you decide to have it done by a professional photographer or on your phone at home, both options are going to be fun!

Everyone deserves a nice date, and there’s no better time than the holidays! Whether you’re looking at lights or sitting cozy inside for a Christmas movie marathon, the spark will be merry and bright!

Which holiday date idea is your favorite?

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