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Blogmas Day 10: Sweaters That Will Win You The Contest!

This post is dedicated to my best friend Kristina who kept wanting me to make an ugly Christmas sweater blogmas post. Here’s to you Kris!

Ugly Christmas sweater season is amongst us! You know the ones you pass by just wondering “who in the world would wear that!?” Then the next thing you know, you find yourself going back to the store because there’s an ugly Christmas sweater contest that you just have to win!

Some people may wonder why someone would purposely make an ugly Christmas sweater and why people buy them. Well..they’re just fun! Don’t be such a scrooge! I’ve never been to an ugly Christmas sweater party, but it’s for sure on m list. For those of you who do have an ugly Christmas sweater party to attend(or if you just love those sweaters), then I have a few sweaters for you below that will help you take home the title for best ugly Christmas sweater! Check them out and let me know which one is your favorite!

ug1 3D Ugly Christmas Sweater w/Stuffed Toy Moose

Jack-in-the-Box-Santa-Claus-3D-Ugly-Christmas-Sweater-1-600x600.jpg 3D Jack In The Box Santa Claus

Step-Brothers-Boats-N-Hoes-Ugly-Sweater-1-274x293.jpg Boats N’ Hoes Ugly Christmas Sweater

Mens-sweater-gaudy-garland-03.jpg Gaudy Garland Christmas Sweater

Womens-drinking-game-christmas-sweater03 Womens-drinking-game-christmas-sweater02 Interactive Drinking Game Ugly Christmas Sweater

santa breaks the internet.jpg Santa Breaks The Internet

sleigh all day Sleigh All Day 

beatles.jpeg Beatles Abbey Road Ugly Christmas Sweater

Women’s-Flappy-Dog-Animated-Puppy-Ears-Ugly-Christmas-Sweater-4-274x293 Flappy Dog Puppy Ears Ugly Christmas Sweater

Tinsel-Tree-Ugly-Christmas-Sweater-1-600x600 Tinsley Tree Ugly Christmas Sweater

Don’t forget to let me know which one is your favorite! Happy Holidays!


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