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Blogmas Day 10: A Note To You During The Holidays

Today, I’m going to get a little deeper with my blogmas post. Today, I’m writing a note to all the ones who have lost their loved ones due to police brutality. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the holidays and the joy of Christmas, but many people around the world, especially black people, might be in mourning due to an unjust killing.

If anyone here is in mourning due to police brutality or know someone in mourning, my heart goes out to you. Everyone is with their family and you lost a part of yours. This world can be cruel, unjust, and sometimes just leave you with nothing but a lost path with no guide on how to find your way back. For some, the holidays trigger happiness. For you, it may trigger sadness. If it does, then I ask you not to shut yourself out. Be around all the loved ones you can. This holiday, join together with others and try to celebrate the life of your lost loved one. Try not to hold in that grief you may still have as hard as that sounds. And remember that you’re not alone and there are people going through what you’re going through. There are people on your side.

For the ones in support of those who lost their loved ones due to police brutality, I just ask you to take a moment of silence for those struggling to enjoy the holidays.

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