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Blogmas Day 10: 5 Gifts To Stuff Your Stocking!

Often times when we think about getting gifts for others, we mostly think about the big gifts, but what about the stocking stuffers? It might even be a little bit harder to find the right stocking stuffers because they have to fit perfectly inside a Christmas stocking and has to be something the person would actually want.

Last year, I provided sixteen stocking stuffer ideas, and this year I wanted to add just a few more ideas to the list. If you’re scrambling to figure out just what you can buy for a loved ones stocking, I’ve got you covered!

1. Candle Wick Trimmer

A candle wick trimmer is perfect for the everyday candle lover. As someone who needs one myself, I can’t tell you how necessary it is for someone who doesn’t have one. It ensures that you’re correctly cutting your wicks and can make a cute part of your decor when not in use. You can also get it as part of a set with a candle snuffer if you’d like. A snuffer allows you to put out the flame of the candle (plus you feel fancy doing so).

2. Soap Bars

Soap bars will make a cute stuffer for the stocking and also make it smell good! Now, I’m not talking about your average everyday soap when I say soap bars. These soap bars are so cute and often come in different color patterns and shapes. You can find these kinds of bars at places like Lush or you can find a small-owned business that makes them and make a purchase!

3. Bluelight Glasses

Bluelight glasses are a great stocking stuffer if you know someone who is always sitting at the computer working. Not only are there so many different cute styles, but you’re helping to relieve stress from the eyes of the person you’re gifting them to.

4. Daily To Do Pad

Someone who doesn’t want a full planner but still needs to keep up with their daily plans would love to receive a daily to do pad as a gift. It’s small enough to not only fit in a Christmas stocking but a purse/bag. This makes it easy to keep it on hand so the person is able to check things off as they go! There are also many different styles with some being more detailed than others.

5. Coaster

Whether you’re a lover/collector of mugs or not, everyone could use a cute coaster for their cups. There are many different shapes and styles, it would be hard not to find the perfect fit for the person you’re gifting.

There are so many different options you have when it comes to finding the right stocking stuffers and these are just a few that you can add to your list. If you were struggling to find some ideas, I hope that I was able to help give you a little insight into what you could do!

What would you like in your Christmas stocking?

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