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Blogmas Day 10: 5 Christmas Gifts That Give Back

Christmas is about many things, but one of the big things people focus on is the gifts. Though gifts are a big focus during the holidays, it’s also about giving back and togetherness. I want to say that it’s the second most important part of Christmas (Jesus being the most important for those who are Christian).

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post sharing last-minute gift ideas for those who are late shoppers. Now, I’d like to share a few gifts for those who are looking to give back! Christmas can be about gifts and giving back by gifting things that don’t require a stocking, gift bag, or wrapping paper!

1. Buy or donate someone a tree.

Not everyone can afford to have a Christmas tree or purchase a new one that’s needed. However, some of us tend to go through Christmas trees every year and you can gift by not giving something that goes under a tree, but an actual tree! Some people in this world have never had the chance to experience a tree in their home. Instead of throwing out that Christmas tree you no longer need, you can give it back to someone who does.

2. Donate to a charity.

Donating to a charity is an oldie but a goodie idea to give back to others. There are so many charities out there that need help and donations, you can never go wrong with picking one to choose. Around this time of year, people often choose to donate to charities for children. Whichever charity you choose, the people receiving the donation will be happy to receive the needed blessing.

3. Babysit for parents.

Parents, especially ones of younger children, often don’t get to have much time for themselves. Parents tend to struggle going out on dates or having alone time, especially if they don’t have anyone available or can’t afford a babysitter. If you know a couple like this, babysitting for them as a gift will allow you to give them the gift of peace (and hopefully a little romance).

4. Volunteer at a food bank.

Donating to a charity allows you to gift financially, but volunteering at a food bank allows you to grab an apron and actively step into the field! Both are amazing ways to give back for Christmas, but if you’re looking for a more active way to give back, search for food banks in your area and step in! Volunteer work is not only a great way to help those in need for the holidays, but you also can learn from the experience.

5. Invite someone to Christmas dinner.

The sad truth is that not everyone has a family to eat with for Christmas. Some people are eating alone, whether their family lives too far or the only person they have passed away. No one should be alone for the holidays, but they don’t have to be! If you know someone in your neighborhood who’s spending the holiday alone, invite them over for Christmas dinner. You’d never imagine something so small to mean so much, but it does. You never know, the dinners may become a regular thing!

There are many more ways to give back for the holidays, and I highly suggest searching for those as well! Gifts don’t have to be big or flashy, but something as simple as inviting someone to dinner. While we’re all rushing and worrying to buy the best presents for those who aren’t in need, let’s take time to remember those who are.

What’s your favorite way to give back during the holidays?


  1. These are so beautiful and sincere. As a parent, having a babysitter is a gift! it’s not easy on these (sesame) streets… it’s a literal non stop hustle! I don’t think people realize what a blessing it is to get just a small breather, a time out to just be present in a moment.

    • I’m not a parent, but being the child of a single mom, I could see in that situation alone how parents need a breather. And when it comes to couples, children become the main focus which puts the relationship on the backburner, so even one night out would be nice for them.

    • I love to invite a friend or some friends over sometimes when I know they’re not hanging with their family or anything. Volunteering at a food bank is good too! I definitely should do that one day as well. I’m glad you enjoyed my list and thanks for reading ♥

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