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Blogmas Day 1: Welcome To Blogmas!

The most wonderful time of the year is here once again…blogmas! I’ve done blogmas almost every year since I have been blogging, so about four years, and I believe I’ve tried something different each year. One thing that forever remains the same is how stressful it can be, yet still rewarding when I make it to the end.

One may think I would give myself a break and skip a year or participate in 12 Days of Christmas instead, but I like a little challenge! Now, the question remains…what should my readers expect for blogmas this year?

As I’ve said, I’ve done blogmas differently every year and this year I will have a post up every single day including weekends. I’ve done this once before and I made it out alive, so I’m hoping that I will be successful this year as well.

I’m so excited for a month filled with holiday content and I hope that you are too!

Happy blogmas!


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