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Blogmas Day 1: November Life Update 2018

You read that right…I’m doing blogmas! This means I’m posting every single day from December 1st-25th. That’s 25 days straight of content so get ready! What better way to start blogmas off than with an update!?  Let’s take a look back at the goals I made for November.

november goals

This will be a very short update because I didn’t get anything done (so sad I know). Hear me out though, I’ve been so busy it’s insane. I really hate how I’ve failed at these tasks, but it’s so hard to get things done with the combination of school and work going on. I will say that I did work on getting a fresh list of blog posts. With that being said, let’s get into the goals I have for December!

Goals For December

○Purchase my domain

○Keep track of my spending

○Get more fresh blog post ideas for the new year

○Read more

○Prepare for the new year

My next update will be in 2019! Can you believe how much the time has gone by!? I have big plans for the new year so stay tuned!


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