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Blogmas Day 1: November 2023 Monthly Update

It’s officially blogmas!

This time of year is always so fun (and also quite hectic)! Blogmas is always such a great way to end the year and start the holiday season. We’re starting off strong on day one with a November monthly update! This will be the last monthly update in 2023 (but not for 2023) and it’s a little bitter sweet.

So, let’s see how I ended November!

Write up posts for blogmas. As much as I want to say that I accomplished this 100%, unfortunately I can’t. I was able to write up a few posts, which is why I decided to check this one off. With that said, I’m excited for the rest of blogmas and I hope that you all are as well!

Start on 2024 goals list. I did start on my 2024 goal list and I believe that the future is bright! I do share my yearly goals at the end of every year, so stay tuned to find out what my 2024 goals list entails!

Though I wish I was able to say that I checked everything off of my list, I’m still not giving up!

Now let’s look at the goals I plan to end the month with!

  • Hit 3k podcast plays
  • Interact more on Instagram
  • Wake up at 6:30 AM consistently

What are your goals for December? Do you think the year has gone by a little too fast? Let’s chat in the comments!

If you didn’t know, I will only post during the week this year. So, remember to check back on Monday for blogmas day 2!

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